Two nursing students arrested for killing 16 puppies


Image Credits UiTV Connect

One dog and 17 puppies were found dead and wrapped up in 3 disposable bags in a parking lot of NRS hospital. Two nursing students from the hospital on Tuesday were arrested for the destructive mass killing of those puppies. According to the report by TOI, it was a planned, coldblooded murder. It was also reported that the puppies were taken backyard of the hospital and were lured with biscuits. Accused Moutusi Mondal and Soma Burman had confessed their guilt after certain rounds of interrogation.

After the chilling video went viral, the police started an investigation and it has been found that there were other individuals too who were involved in this treacherous act. The suspects claimed that they were tired with the puppies’ behavior. They could not go out of the hospital premises and do their work properly.  So in order to save other people, they had to do that heinous work. Charges have been appealed against the duo under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. While talking to TOI, the police said:

“We have arrested the two women on the basis of the widely circulated video and after their identification by the security guards. They have confessed to the act and have also named some others who helped them. We are questioning them now.”

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