Leaked Video On Youtube Reveals The Possibility Of League Of Legends Finally Coming To Mobile




Since the release of League of Legends, which was almost ten years ago, there have always been speculations that the game which is only available on PC might get some other platform, especially a mobile version.

At the current moment, there are various mobile game adaption of League of Legends is available in the market. The fans are asking only one thing, is League of Legends finally coming to mobile? And, if it gets a mobile version, it would certainly be a legendary one.

This would not only increase the user base of the game but also earn Riot Games a hell lot of money. This type of success has been previously seen when PC and console game like PUBG was given a mobile version.

Mobile gaming is a huge industry now, and creating a mobile version of League of Legends would certainly be a profitable investment for Riot Games.

Despite all these facts, Riot Games have responded to the requests of creating a mobile version of the game, not even after their partnership with Chinese enterprise Tencent.

There have been rumors of Tencent’s interest in launching a mobile version of League of Legends. But, Riot Games has been indifferent to this approach.

However, amidst all this speculation, a video was released on YouTube, just a few days ago, which showed how the mobile version of the game would look like. The Chinese title read as ‘League of Legends Mobile game video outflow’.

The two and a half minute video showed a person holding mobile and proceeding to play in the bot lane of the League of Legends, as ADC Ezreal with Blitzcrank support.

There were control buttons on the side of the screen, which allowed the user to move, use summer spells and abilities, recall, access the shop, view the chat logs and the map.

For most of the video, the game exactly looked like the PC version, but some features of the game seemed to be not implemented into the mobile version.

After the release of this video, there are many theories going around among the gaming fans about the release date of the mobile version of the game. Until now this video is the most trustable leak of the game.

Neither Tencent nor Riot Games has responded to the rumors of the release of the game’s mobile version.  Now the fans will only have to wait and watch whether they will get to experience the mobile version of League of Legends or not.