Princess Love Stunted All The Rumors Of Changing Her Mind About The Divorce



It was confirmed by reliable sources that the little hope the was left for keeping the marriage of Princess Love and Ray J intact, were flicked out of sight. The divorce process is in progress as it should be. Princess Love Breaks Husband Ray J’s Heart when she states that she has not changed her mind about the divorce for a bit.

She recently made a public statement in which she precisely commented about her ruined marriage and said she did not intend to go back and hold the marriage even in her wildest dream. She even made a post for her social media where she enunciated profanity because of the situation life threw her into and she was confident to handle whatever her luck would bring on for her. When someone advised her to make up her mind, she responded with strong words that never actually changed her decision.

On the other hand, the husband, Ray J is spending a distasteful time of his life while dealing with the accusations made against him by his wedded wife Princess Love for cheating on her in numerous ways. Ray J is trying to stay positive in this situation. He deeply apologized to Princess Love for his vile deeds that disturbed the harmony in their married life. He repented over all the mistakes he did deliberately and wished to clean the mess. But he is having an obnoxious time and experience with all those accusations and a broken marriage. He is focused to go ahead in life and leave the past behind. He told an insider that he tried his best to fix the cracks in the relationship and stay united as a family because he did not want to quit being a family man. But it was not his decision to make when his wife made it clear that they had to be separated. He took it to social media and made a statement for her saying he was not a foul person who would leave his wife and daughter alone to be dealt with. He loved her and would never do what happened in Vegas.

The scandalous divorce news is still a burning hot topic on social media that made a division in their fan base. Some of the followers think it is best for both of the individuals to have separation and the other group of people is saying that they should reconsider their marriage and feelings. One big fan commented that people needed to be stone-cold strong at times but then they should keep the future of the baby in mind. A broken family would definitely be the perfect place to raise a baby. Though it is their decision to make but sometimes sticking together after the storm can be the right thing to do.


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