The Trailer for the Upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog Discloses New Material that Also Includes Baby Sonic





Since the announcement of Sonic The Hedgehog, the upcoming movie has gone through many changes. Sonic, the protagonist of the film has been designed to hone the look of his video game counterpart.

Recently, the New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Reveals New Movie Content Including Baby Sonicreleased in Japanese has given audiences a sneak peek of the upcoming content.

As far as we know from the trailer, Sonic The Hedgehog is a film adaptation of the globally popular videogame franchise developed by Sega. This movie tells the thematic story of Sonic, the fastest hedgehog in the world who is out to embrace his home and identity on Earth. The movie is going to be a live-action adventure in the genre of comedy where Sonic, along with his best buddy Tom, voiced by James Marsden gets together to go against Dr. Robotnik, voiced by Jim Carrey in a quest to save the planet from his evil intentions. The film is a family movie that will star Ben Schwartz and Tike Sumpter as voice artists for Sonic’s character.

The trailer opening depicts one of the levels at which Sonic functions. Fans who have been following the game series might identify the place as Emerald Hill Zone that is also the first initial level of the sequel.

The film has been successful in designing a promising realistic version of the place with more intricacy as opposed to the games with another surprise at their disposal, baby Sonic.

In the trailer, Sonic is seen to hand out a sunflower but the other side is not shown. Baby Sonic holds a resemblance to his older self including his trademark red and white sneakers.

Baby Yoda from Disney+’s The Mandalorian has grabbed the attention of fans with its cuteness overload. As a result, statistically speaking, it can be concluded that cute character picturization has always captivated audience attention. Baby Yoda, on the other hand, has already come up with the most adorable of merchandise but Baby Sonic is not very far along.

They have already released a poster of baby Sonic holding a sunflower. Also, Sonic’s big green eyes could not be overlooked. Japan has marketed its merchandizing pretty well with free Baby Sonic keychains with every pre-ordered ticket. This free gift might not be applicable in other parts of the world.

A downloadable coloring sheet featuring Baby Sonic is also available for download where he is seen in a playground by a see-saw and a slide. The trailer did not have any playground visuals; however, no one knows for sure if it is going to be part of the movie until it officially releases.

Baby Sonic’s introduction could not have been more ideal with various other characters stepping into the shoes of their younger selves. The official Japanese Twitter handle of Sonic The Hedgehog also said that it is the very first introduction of Baby Sonic in the game. The film will also cover various origin stories of Sonic.

The US release for Sonic the Hedgehog is 14th February 2020.