Lil’ Wayne’s New Release Goes Straight To The No.1 In Billboard Charts





Lil’ Wayne dropped a new record Funeral that went to the number one spot in the billboard charts in the United States according to a report from UPI stated. The record took the place of no.1 rank which previously was occupied by Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial and later Eminem took the place with his record Music To Be Murdered By. But Lil’ Wayne leaves them behind as his New Record Goes To #1 On Billboard Charts.

Other chart-toppers of this week are When We All Fall Asleep, High Road from Kesha, Where Do We Go? from Billie Eilish and Manic from Halsey.

The rap fans all over the world know the capability and popularity of the influential artist known as Lil’ Wayne. He started gaining ground in the music industry in the early 2000s and never fell downwards in his career with exceptional breaks. He has been on news and that is not always for his music. He had a similar incident where he made uproaring news while performing on the tour with famous rock band Blink-182.

Todd Malm reported that many people think that there had been a feud between Lil’ Wayne and Blink-182 while their performance in the 2019 tour. Billboard is the first to come forward to check the cogency of the reported story and it seemed like the boys solved all the skirmishes.

Lil’ Wayne took it to twitter and shared his thoughts on how he wanted to drop out of the tour that was set in Virginia. Though the media and ample of fans were quite shocked to be told that Lil’ Wayne and Blink-182 would be sharing the same stage but Blink-182 confirmed that the fans were actually thrilled to with something so incredible to a billboard.

In an interview of the billboard with Blink-182, they stated that their fans were delighted to see Lil’ Wayne perform but the rapper got into some trouble with the police and the bandmates. The issue was resolved at once back in 2019.

The true picture of the show came out when Hoppus explained that it was the storm not the irresponsive fans at the tour which made him leave the show abruptly.