New Information on the Plane Crash Causing the Death of Kobe Bryant surfaces, Pilot Was Disoriented




New information about the death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant and seven others including the pilot has surfaced recently. Some newspapers reported that federal investigators have come up with new intelligence that the pilot of the plane which crashed causing the devastating death of the basketball player and others in January, was in fact descending at the time of the crash rather than ascending as he’d reported at that time.

According to this news on Kobe Bryant, – new report suggests that the helicopter pilot was disoriented before the crash. Before the tragedy took place, Ara Zobayan, the pilot informed the air traffic controllers that he was ascending up to 4,000 feet in order to fly above the clouds on a foggy day.

New reports indicate that the helicopter was in reality sinking down at that time, eventually crashing into a hillside.

National Transportation Safety Board has revealed this new piece of information explaining that the pilot most probably ‘misperceived’ the angles of descending and banking.

They also explained that this could have happened due to low visibility weather forcing the pilot to become disoriented.

The report states that after calculating apparent angles at this time they realized that the pilot could have misperceived both pitch and roll angles. During the final descent, the pilot responded to the air traffic control saying they were ‘climbing to 4 thousand’’.

By analyzing the flight’s path, experts have put up their theory not too long after the crash, that the pilot was probably disoriented at the time the tragedy took place.

The new document consisting of 1700 pages of data-backed facts still could not come to a proper conclusion on the actual reason for the crash. There would most likely be a final report providing a factual explanation.

There have been speculations on the safety procedures and precautions based on the weather of the flight company. Whether the pilot considered the danger before the flight and still decided to fly the helicopter or not?

It is reported that Zobayan informed that the weather was fine, to the people overseeing the flight about 45 minutes before takeoff.

Owner of OC Helicopters, Richard Webb confirmed the authenticity of the news.