Clean Network Initiative By The US Puts Chinese Tech Companies on Shaky Grounds Worldwide




 Image Credit – Economic Times


The dramatic outcomes of the recent US election did not change the US administrative plans to take action against China for its hostile exploit and illicit technological advances.

The part of this initiative against Chinese technologies was taken by US Undersecretary of State Keith Krach. He has taken the steps to promote a Clean Network program that is dead against the Chinese telecom producers.

According to the Bloomberg report, the United States has the consent of almost 50 countries or regions under the initiative. Krach has said that the Success of the Clean Network has taken the power away from Huawei.

The US administration has come to a united conclusion with other countries in support of this initiative. France’s recent move of refusing renewal of licenses for telecoms operators using products from the Chinese provider Huawei after three to eight years without posing an official ban confirms the success of this initiative. This move could wipe out the use of Huawei gear in the country. The UK has also joined the band and set its deadline for removing Huawei gear to 2027.

The countries joining the initiative are coming to terms with the potential national security threat by Chinese technologies very fast. This has made a global momentum of rejecting cooperation with Chinese 5G developers.

Though unproven, the potential threat to national security has sparked vast public opinion that has caused the countries to take the policy measures that are bound to cause a huge amount of losses and delay in 5G development for replacing Chinese technologies.

According to the reports of The Guardian, wiping out Chinese technology from its telecom industry could delay 5G network development in the UK by nearly three years. It would also cost them nearly 7 billion pounds. The country is ready to face the consequences and is not going to change their font on the matter.

The countries are determined to stay on their stances against the Chinese 5G network technologies even if the future of local telecom carriers and other technological construction gets delayed.

Chinese technology giants are now fighting to keep their dominance in the overseas market. The age of expansion of their business has taken a huge setback. With most of the countries on the planet joining the initiative against Chinese technologies, all the Chinese farms from 5G developer Huawei and ZTE to video-sharing platform Tiktok, have been cornered in the global market. From India to the US, these once dominating Chinese technology giants are now in a very difficult situation.