Zebra Technologies Conducts A Prime Role In Vaccine Distribution




Image Credit – CNBC


Zebra Technologies has played a huge role in coronavirus testing that helped to seize the spread of the pandemic partially. Now the company is taking a further step to control the spread of the deadly flu from contaminating more population. CEO Anders Gustaffson shared this information with CNBC’s Jim Cramer Friday.

Zebra Technologies introduced products that are used for tracking samples from mass tracking sites. It will begin to provide for vaccine distributions in the cold chain a temperature-controlled supply chain.

Gustaffson has told in the interview that they are working on producing vaccine vials that can also be used on boxes and pallets. He added that it “will change color based on temperature exposure.”

The labels are collected from Temptime which produces temperature monitoring solutions for the health-care industry that the Lincolnshire, Illinois-based company introduced two years ago.

Pfizer and BioNTech are named to be the first company to produce a viable Covid-19 vaccine that will be used in an emergency under the authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Though the review of the tests will take longer than a few weeks, already 100 million doses are going to be delivered to the U.S. government to see the result of Operation Warp Speed.

Pfizer will start shipping the vials in ultra-cold storage after it gets the approval.

Gustaffson mentioned that Zebra Technologies has a major role in its transporting.

He announced, “We can help to quality control the vaccine to make sure that when it’s injected in somebody when it’s administered, it’s been within the right temperature range to ensure maximum efficiency.”

The vaccines have to be shipped under cold temperatures, or else, these portions won’t work.

“We also have now our new Reflexis software applications, where we have a module which helps pharmacies and other smaller clinics to schedule all the patients who want to come in and be injected,” Gustaffson confirmed.