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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Chester, Jan 14, 2021 ( – AWE Acquisition, Inc., dba, AWE Learning is excited to announce its recent partnership with HOMER, a BEGiN Company. Headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania, AWE Learning is the leading provider of digital learning solutions for public libraries throughout the United States and Canada.

AWE Learning’s new Platinum Online is a cloud-based product featuring more than 175 educational titles, for children ages 2-12, with a single login. Content is award-winning and spans all STREAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art & Music, and Math), plus SEL (Social Emotional Learning). As an annual subscription, Platinum Online brings new and exciting content to libraries, as well as virtual learners, homeschoolers, and pandemic pods. We are excited to have HOMER’s engaging e-books on Platinum Online.

Through AWE Learning’s partnership with HOMER, their educational titles will reach a larger audience and will assist children in continuing the joy of learning outside of school hours. HOMER’s educational e-books help young learners practice STREAM skills, build confidence, all while having fun!” Children are inherently learners and we believe by tapping into their interests, we can nurture a lifelong love of learning in all children. We are thrilled to share our library of stories focused on early literacy and social-emotional learning with AWE Learning,” said Noelle Millholt, HOMER Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer.

AWE Learning President & CEO, Deborah B. Sorgi, said, “We are excited to partner with HOMER and offer a variety of proven learning content for our target age group and markets. In the world of remote learning, it is important to give children content that allows them to have fun while learning. Platinum Online does just that and gives children a website that offers content that caters to all levels and all interests. While libraries are closed or limited to a lower capacity due to COVID-19, Platinum Online allows libraries to distribute logins to families so children can access AWE Learning products from home! Platinum Online also gives youngsters the opportunity to continue learning beyond their virtual school day. We are confident that users will enjoy interacting on these titles whether they are at home or in the library.”

For more information on AWE Learning’s new products, please visit or call 888-293-0272.


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AWE Learning provides comprehensive digital learning and early literacy solutions for young children in public libraries across the United States. Our mission is to inspire an enthusiasm for learning by supporting school readiness and literacy in the community. Through our dedication to high quality, STREAM-aligned content that is easy to use, we collaborate with libraries to highlight their role as community leaders in the pursuit of learning.

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BEGiN is the award-winning educational technology company that creates learning products that are as effective as they are engaging – cultivating critical skills and bringing high-quality educational content to kids everywhere.

HOMER is the essential early learning program for kids 2-8. HOMER gives kids the best start to their learning journey by building confidence and developing skills that prepare them for school and life. The HOMER Method – our proprietary learning framework – delivers academic skills such as literacy and math, in addition, to personal skills like problem-solving and social-emotional awareness through content that is personalized to their interest, age, and learning level, during the critical time in early childhood development when kids’ brains are most hungry to learn.

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AWE Learning has more than 25years of experience providing early childhood literacy resources to public libraries and other community organizations. Our mission is to inspire an enthusiasm for learning by supporting school readiness and literacy in the community.
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