Sluurpy’ s Certificate of Excellence 2021: applications for best restaurant in the world are open


A practical and explanative guide for restaurants to get the certificate of excellence from Sluurpy

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- London, Jan 15, 2021 ( – Sluurpy is the Social Network dedicated to food lovers and restaurants. The objective of the website is the development, production, and marketing of innovative products or services with a high technological value, and more specifically the development and marketing of innovative software and digital tools dedicated to restaurant owners, for the pleasure of their future customers. The world, still facing the consequences of the pandemic is trying to take a sigh of relief, and an acknowledgment can be helpful to the purpose. Over the years, Sluurpy has delivered value for restaurateurs, like certification of their work with the Certificate of Excellence, one of the most coveted badges of honor for businesses in the food sector.

What is the Sluurpy Certificate of Excellence?

Sluurpy has been handing out the Certificate of Excellence since 2013 to honor hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service across the world. Sluurpy Certificate of Excellence in 2021 is an award that displays restaurant Sluurpy profiles. Food lovers trust restaurants that have this award because it proves that the restaurant has a large number of positive reviews. Restaurants that win the Certificate of Excellence can receive a printed certificate or display the official badge on their website. Sluurpy awards top-rated food and beverage businesses with the Certificate of Excellence annually. Displaying a Sluurpy Certificate of Excellence can improve walk-in business and improve restaurants’ online listings. Many of the factors in Sluurpy rankings are determined by a secret, proprietary algorithm called “Sluurpometro”. It represents a vote, which is not the sum of the opinions given by users, but an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that is able to calculate the level of appreciation, retrieving the information on the web, between review sites, social networks, and food guides.

How to Receive the Sluurpy Certificate of Excellence?

The Certificate of Excellence is awarded annually to those that consistently receive positive reviews and increase their vote displayed in the Sluurpometro. You may have noticed this number before either on Sluurpy listings or have seen a sticker at one of your favorite local businesses. To get the Sluurpy Certificate of Excellence, businesses must:

  • Being registered on Sluurpy;
  • Having a high score on Sluurpometro (at least 80);
  • Receive a minimum number of reviews and recommendation on restaurants’ page;
  • Being registered in other popular web food platforms;

Impact of the Certificate of Excellence

Once you receive the Certificate of Excellence, you will be able to print and attach it to your front door or at the entrance. It will be provided to announce that restaurant owners are a trusted business to walk-in clients. Most importantly, in addition to this offline boost, it will be provided an online attraction into the Sluurpy website and moreover on Google. Indeed on Sluurpy’s page, your prospective clients will be able to see a particular sign of recognition, the award itself, that certifies customers about the quality of experience people might have there. As a result, it’s easier than ever for foodies to determine who is the best choice out of comparable restaurants.

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