Rapper Thonio drops another bomb Things End rich in jawdropping rhyming and captivating song structure



American rapper Thonio establishes a new age rhythmic and rhyming resonance through his dimensional performance in the latest music video ‘Things End’.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Little Rock, Arkansas Dec 23, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The genre of hip hop and rap is a symbol of strength to many. The sublime and realistic nature of the popular musical form continues to fascinate the world. Multi-talented hip hop artist Thonio is a determined individual who does not let his life struggle distract him from his path of music-making. He has been dropping back to back hits, maintaining his consistency. He has recently released another rap banger Things End. It oozes his dynamic confidence and skillful rapping. The incredible instrumental rhythm in the track achieved through progressive arrangements and chord structures offers a strong backdrop for the hard-hitting rhyming pattern. His breathtaking vocal performance enhances the entire quality of the soundtrack giving it a surreal feel. 

Born as Anthonio Ray Williams, the multi-dimensional American rapper has dedicated his life to the art of music-making. Even after experiencing a devastating car accident, he did not lose his passion and dedication towards it. He came back stronger and better and performed in front of multi-platinum producer Darrell ‘Digga’ Branch with a stitched face and missing teeth. His music is always lyrically sublime and has the ability to make quite an impact on the mindset of the people. He embeds stories from his real-life experiences in his compositions, giving them a genuine and honest feel. This incredible aspect of his music helps him forge a strong connection with his audience. His extraordinary storytelling ability paints a vivid picture of the reality in each of his creations.

Working with the renowned production house Black Diamond Syndicate LLC, Thonio offers the experience of a lifetime with his powerful creations. His latest music-video ‘Things End’ is the result of his hard work and artistic craftsmanship. The song is the epitome of his unbound imagination and creativity, which is reflected through the killer hooks and penetrating lyrical wordplay. The R&B-infused rap number heightens every sense of the audience through its chilling melodic resonance. The mellow rapping of the artist breathes life into the thought-provoking and witty lyrical illustration of the song. Listen to his music on YouTube and follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more.

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