Free-to-Play Sports Betting App Launches Nationwide


Risk-free sportsbook caters to wagering fans of all levels

Buffalo, Feb 7, 2021 ( – UDDA, a new sports wagering company, today announced the official release of its free-to-play, social gaming mobile app just in time for sports fans to place bets on Super Bowl LV. Once downloaded, users can create a profile and easily bet the book, challenge friends or create custom pools with no risk.

Designed by three C-suite entrepreneurs and long-time friends to expand accessibility to the sports wagering market, UDDA is positioned to bring a risk-free sportsbook to the market and create new social engagement opportunities for competitive fans of all levels. The app, a culmination of nine months of research and development, offers a user-friendly interface and allows winners to rack up UDDA Bucks to redeem for prizes.

Coined from the phrase “you da man or woman,” UDDA is a unique and accessible gaming experience for everyone whether you are a seasoned pro or first-timer, according to UDDA Co-founders, Devin Piscitelli, Steve Calvaneso, and Michael Kirschner. 

“Since users play with UDDA Bucks instead of real money, UDDA breaks down many of the barriers or stigmas tied to sports betting,” said Calvaneso. Our top users tell us they get the same rush from betting sports, without risking hard-earned money.”

The app was built to cater to a new market segment that hasn’t been addressed by sports wagering and gambling and will be immediately available in 48 U.S. States.

 “Unlike other betting platforms, the app allows wagering fans to bet on everything from who will win a rivalry matchup to when friends will have a baby (i.e. baby bingo) or even who will win the next season of The Bachelorette,” said Calvaneso.

 The company’s co-founders include:

  • Devin Piscitelli, CEO of AAkron Line, co-founder of CATO Real Estate Development Co., and TIORY software

  • Steve Calvaneso, Buffalo restaurateur, owner of Ultimate Restaurants 

  • Michael Kirschner, owner of Uptown Sports Marketing and longtime sports marketing executive 

Additional features are currently in development and will be rolled out in the coming months. To learn more about the app’s fan experience, check it out here:   or download here:

About UDDA

UDDA is the first and only free-to-play wagering app experience available in 48 states. Born from the coveted saying, “You Da Man or Woman,” UDDA was designed to make betting more accessible. To play, users can download the app and receive free UDDA Bucks to wager on sports similar to real money sportsbooks along with several unique features like custom bets, squares, pools, or bingo. In a few minutes, users can easily bet the book, bet a friend or create a pool and UDDA keeps a record of it all.


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