“Gina Carey” Films to Rebrand as, “All Indieflix” on June 1, 2021



(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Palm Springs, California Feb 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – On June 1, 2021, “Gina Carey Films” is dropping the “Gina Carey Films” brand and rebranding from, “Gina Carey Films” to, “All IndieFlix”.  In 2015, Gina Sedman, formally known as, “Gina Carey”, launched “Gina Carey Films”, a film company that produces Christian, family, and inspirational films.  Since then, “Gina” has gone on to write, produce, direct, and edit no less than 9 films and talk shows within a 6-year span.

As CEO and founder of, “Gina Carey Films”, she believes that expansion is a key element to company growth. Because Gina thinks big, it is no surprise that she would choose to rename her film company, “All IndieFlix”, a name that’s big, bold and creates room for company expansion. “In order to grow, your brand must match your target goals”, quotes, CEO and founder, Gina Sedman.  Since the initial launching of Gina’s Carey films, new and innovative ideas have emerged triggering the interest to create a new name that will better encompass Gina’s future goals and company expectations.

Beginning June 1, 2021, all new film productions will be released under the new brand, “All IndieFlix”.  The email and website will also be changed also.    The old website will also change from ginacareyfilms.com to allindieflix.com. All IndieFlix has already started the process to phase out the “Gina Carey Films “name. The logo will also receive an upgrade, taking an element from the past, (the logo symbol) and adding it to big bold colorful text. Gina is excited about the future of, All Indieflix and still looks forward to producing quality family-friendly cinema for years to come.

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