G Folk$ Present an Uncategorizable Music Video ‘CLUCKA$ – FIEN$’ Setting up Anarchy in the Music World


G Folks

The uprising hip hop artist from California G Folk$ escapes from the tedious routine of life and produces the new music video ‘CLUCKA$ & FIEN$’ with poisonous vibes.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Santa Ana, California Mar 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The young and talented American hip hop hustler G Folk$ believes that music beats are just like chemicals. They instigate a reaction in his head and he pours it out with lyrics and melodies that fabricate a genuine story. He is the famed CEO of the production house called Set 4 Life Ent. This label has exclusively produced his latest music video CLUCKA$ & FIEN$‘ that has grabbed a few hundreds of eyeballs recently. He released it on Youtube on February 28, 2021. Inspired by the mysterious attraction and charms of Don Juan, he pretends to the modern womanizer. Every girl who passes by him bats her eyes on him. His flirtatious seduction has become a major plot of the exciting music video. He released the surprising music video to satisfy his fans who were waiting for a long time for something new. The craving for some of his new music is prominent in the comment section.

G Folk$ is one of the greatest hip hop musicians of the decade. Unfortunately, his raw talent is underrated in front of swanky artists who hardly care about any societal issues or the quality of music. Some artists take music as a joke and concentrate more on their views on Youtube for making a good business. Unlike them, he takes his passion for hip hop music seriously and that’s why he takes a long time to coalesce his energy and emotions in one place for making artful music experiments. His gratitude to the fellow musicians who have worked with him speaks a lot about his humble nature. He focuses on the harsh struggles he took in for reaching the peak of prominence in the hip hop world. He makes music from the journey he has started, flexing his beautiful story of thriving on his dreams and hopes and some broken pieces of failures. He doesn’t hesitate to talk about the complexities in his life through the raw verses of his unique tracks.

Focusing on the cushy lifestyle he leads, the music video ‘CLUCKA$ & FIEN$’ has been liked by hundreds of optimistic viewers. He showcases the quick metamorphosis of his multifaceted musicality through the visual effects and the meaningful wordplay. He rebels for the constant unjust in one verse, parallel to the lavishness of his rich recreations in another part. The track is a volatile mix of sassy grooves and poisonous hooks that will make you tremble. You are bound to turn your head with the flow of the burning hip-hop vibes. The intractable rap flow is amplified with the hypnotic drum jams and atonal chorus. His innovative creativity enabled him to think out of the box for the long-anticipated special music video. He tantalizes his fans with the colorful exciting actions on-screen that include a hot house party with his homies. If you want to feel that summer has arrived with its sweetness, then follow the new hip hop artist on Youtube and Facebook.

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