Luxury Matchmaking Firm Opens San Francisco Office


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Select Date Society is in the Bay Area!

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- San Francisco, California Mar 6, 2021 ( – Select Date Society, a luxury matchmaking firm, with clients nationwide, has opened a San Francisco office. The office is located at 75 Broadway Suite 202 San Francisco, CA 94111. The firm has five office locations throughout the United States and works with clients in most major metro areas.

Why the Bay area? “We have a growing client base here and members of our matchmaking team call California home,” says Sandra Myers, President of Select Date Society. “We’ve had a presence in the Bay area for a while, working with CEO’s, Venture Capitalists and Tech Executives here, so it makes sense for us to have a physical office here as well.”

If you are single and looking for love in Northern California, Select Date Society may be able to find you the perfect match, but they don’t accept everyone as a client. They work with clients who are emotionally and financially sound, and who they truly feel they can find success for. Myers says, “I’m in it to win it! I always tell potential clients that I would rather disappoint them upfront by not taking them as a client than disappoint them later by taking them as a client and not finding them what they are looking for.”

The Co-Founders of Select Date Society have combined experience of nearly fifty years, so they know what it takes to elevate successful singles to power couples. If you are interested in learning more about Select Date Society, call 877-344-9544 or visit

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