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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Mar 6, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Lavish Yields is a Canada-based custom software engineering company, headquartered in Toronto announces its 2021 Human Resources Strategy. On March 4, 2021, Alakbar Mammadov, CEO of the company,  made the announcement in the meeting with the key stakeholders of the company about the new recruitment directive.

It’s about time to renew our commitment to women’s empowerment in technology. Command over technology has long been a source of power for men, reflected in hierarchies of sexual difference at work. However, the new wireless age is witnessing a shift in loyalties. In the times to follow, ambitious women are all set to make a mark on the boy’s club.

Women think differently.

It is interesting to know that companies with high gender-diversity deliver better services and returns. When diverse brains are put to work, they bring more colorful ideas to the table. This combination of left-brains and right-brains will surely work wonders in technology. Together they can achieve unprecedented advancement in computing and robotics. A good gender-mix brings better problem-solving that boosts the overall performance of the businesses. Lavish Yields is one such strong platform for committed women.

The participation of women in technology is a win-win situation. The tech industry needs to be more hospitable towards females. Given its rate of expansion, this warm welcome is highly desirable because, in the future, the tech world will soon see a short supply of workforce. Only the active involvement of the women workforce in technology can reverse the process. Here, economic gains are also self-evident. The participation of women in technology is crucial for its future. Idling the women from the tech industry means wastage of half of the total workforce.

Thus, this inclusion is inevitable. To meet this end, the organizations need a genuine review of their environment, policies, and value system – tolerance for gender-parity, prevailing challenges and barriers women face, space for female tech thought leaders, opportunities for mentoring, and career development. We as a tech company aspire to education, entrepreneurialism, recognition, and appreciation in our women leaders.

So far, women in tech companies have borne persistent gender stereotypes, where they are systematically placed on an even playing ground. When faced with general biases and inequality, women often do not stand confident in their abilities. Many quit due to weak management support for work-life balance. Ambition in women is not as welcomed as in men. We as a powerful industry need to cultivate an environment of healthy competition.

Women need genuine encouragement in technology. To build an aptitude for technology and sustain its ever-growing challenges, female students should get work experience at the academic level. They must be encouraged in schools and homes to pursue careers in technology.

We need more women’s representation in the IT industry. According to the United Nations, 60 % of the countries of the world are gender-biased when it comes to technology. Having a good reputation for a gender-diverse workforce adds to the credibility of the business. In any tech organization, women must gain a sense of assurance that they are equal partners in the company’s success. We at Lavish Yield cheerfully celebrate our commitment to achieve gender parity.

The monopoly of men over technology has been challenged by some female icons like Ozlem Tureci and Ginni Rometty, who stand tall among the women in technology. Ozlem Tureci has been serving as the Chief Medical Officer of BioNTech since 2018, which she co-founded in 2008. It is the biotechnology company that has successfully achieved the milestone of developing the first approved messenger RNA-based vaccine against COVID-19 in 2020. Similarly, Ginni Rometty – the rare female power icon of the American business world, is an aspiration to thousand of others. She is the first female executive to head the tech giant IBM. There she served as chairman, president, and CEO. These women and alike certainly claim their share in the superiority and exclusiveness of men in the tech world. These role models are a source of confidence and give others the ability to imagine that they can also fly at par with the male counterparts. We need more role models to attract alike. Lavish Yields proudly partners with half of the population of Canada.

The women-machine relationship, though, has strengthened in the past few years but still, there is a long way to go. The industry as a whole needs to take practical measures to bridge the gender gap and embrace women in technology.


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