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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- St. Paul, Minnesota Mar 15, 2021 ( – Maximum Potential announces the release of its cloud-based Sales Acumen Survey. It is designed to help organizations identify a salesperson’s strengths and areas in need of development based on the consultative sales model. The Sales Acumen Survey will be available for purchase on March 17, 2021.

The Sales Acumen Survey is designed to discover an individual’s awareness and knowledge of the strategies necessary for sales success at key stages of the sales process using the consultative and relationship-oriented sales model.

No longer will organizations have to shotgun their approach to providing knowledge and skills training for their sales team. Now, they will have valuable, specific information on the training needs of every salesperson who completes the Sales Acumen Survey.

The Sales Acumen Survey measures key areas of sales knowledge and skills that can be learned by the salesperson to help them achieve sales success. These areas are prospecting, first meeting, probing, presenting, influencing, objections, and closing.

The Sales Acumen Survey report is unique in the marketplace, as it provides positive feedback regarding the salesperson’s knowledge of each step in the consultative sales process while providing developmental recommendations that are specifically targeted to the areas that have been identified for development for each salesperson.

 “It’s often said the best salespeople are “born – not made.” Bill Schult, President of Maximum Potential said, this may be true for traits such as resilience, assertiveness, and serious-minded. However, it’s not true for the essential processes and skills associated with effective selling,they must be learned.”

Bill Schult is the developer of the Sales Acumen Survey, author of DISCovering the Styles, developer of the DISC-based reporting system, Proception2, and Business Motivators. Bill is available for Internet, phone, radio, and TV interviews.

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