“Shoot Par Now” Golf Seminar offered by “Top 100” Golf Instructor Arlen Bento Jr. at Saints Golf Course Port St. Lucie


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Award-Winning Golf Coach and “Top 100” World Recognized Golf Instructor Arlen Bento Jr. is offering a 2 Hour Golf Seminar “Shoot Par Now” at the Saints Golf Course in Port St. Lucie on March 6th 2021


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Port Saint Lucie, Florida Feb 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Award-Winning Golf Coach and “Top 100” World Recognized Golf Instructor Arlen Bento Jr. is offering a 2-hour Golf Seminar at his “Shoot Par Now” Golf Academy at the Saints Golf Course in Port St. Lucie on March 6th, 2021

The Golf Seminar will start at 2 pm and conclude at 4 pm at the Saints Golf Course.

The Golf Seminar will feature Coach Bento and his staff in a classroom environment and will cover simple golf concepts that are designed to improve any golfer’s game.  The Golf Seminar will cover putting concepts, short game concepts, and full swing concepts that are proven to improve golf performance.

All Golf Seminar attendees will receive a complimentary training aide gift from Coach Bento and access to his online practice guides and skill testing programs.

Interested golfers can register online at his website: Shoot Par Now

“Shoot Par Now” is a course-centric program design by Coach Bento to eliminate the frustration for beginners and recreational players that struggle with getting better at the game of golf.

For many new players, getting into the game of golf can be frustrating and overwhelming because they don’t have a plan to learn from, “Shoot Par Now” solves this problem.

“Most new players start learning about the game the wrong way, they start with the driver, they put the ball on a tee and they start taking big swings, they get instruction from non-professionals, and the fundamentals of the swing are just not learned this way.” – says Bento

“Shoot Par Now” offers an easy solution for new players to learn to play on the course with their friends right away with fundamental instruction that allows them to focus on learning how to putt, chip, pitch, and make small swings with lofted clubs near the green as they learn to play.

According to Coach Bento, this is really how all players should learn to play golf.

“When we develop our younger players we always learn to putt, chip, pitch then make small swings with lofted clubs to develop the proper fundamentals, kids thrive in this learning environment with intuitive development as they learn how to control the ball near the hole.” – Coach Bento

“Shoot Par Now” is powered by Coach Bento’s technology App powered by Operation 36.  The App allows Coach Bento to track all of his students in their development with the App providing a fun tool that really helps players learn.

“Shoot Par Now” is based on having players learn how to score 36 for 9 holes, which is normally par for 9 holes on a regulation golf course.  Scoring par is very, very hard to do and is considered relatively impossible for a new player.  Most new players score in the mid-’60s or higher when they first learn to play 9 holes, most recreational players score 50 for 9 holes, Coach Bento’s program is designed to lower that score right away by controlling the distance players start to play from on the course.

When new players are introduced to playing the course, Coach Bento starts all players at 25 yards from the hole with a lofted club like a Pitching Wedge.  The goal is to learn to make a small swing with the PW, get the ball on the green, then putting the ball in the hole with a putter in a score of 4 or less.  If you play 9 holes, your goal is to score 36.  After you have completed your goal of scoring a 36 from 25 yards, you move back to 50 yards where you have to complete the same goal of scoring.  After you complete that goal, you move to 100 yards, then 150, and finally 200 yards, the entire process is tracked on the Online App.  Shoot Par Now

When players reach their goals at 200 yards, all of the fundamentals of the game are learned, it is then much easier for a player to play from the regulation tee boxes on the course creating more enjoyment.

“What I like most about the “Shoot Par Now” program is that fact that new players can play on the golf course with their friends right away with 25 yards as their starting point, they won’t feel rushed, they won’t hold up the pace of play, they can enjoy the golf course and time with friends, they just start with a closer tee spot.” – Coach Bento

Player development is handled on the Online App, players have access to the whole learning program on the App and they get features that help them understand how to make improvements as they take classes and receive instruction from Coach Bento and his staff.  Shoot Par Now

“For over 20 years I have been helping players with improving their golf games, using the “Shoot Par Now” concept I am positive that this program is going to really help more players enjoy golf.” – Coach Bento

Interested golfers can sign up for classes, clinics, group lessons, private lessons, and more to learn how to play golf and then take the instruction right to the golf course to enjoy the game right away. Shoot Par Now

Arlen Bento Jr. is an Award-Winning Golf Coach and “Top 100” World Recognized Golf Instructor.  He is the former Head Golf Professional of the PGA Country Club in PGA Village Florida and Director of Golf / General Manager of Eagle Marsh Golf Club in Jensen Beach Florida. Coach Bento has two national Golf Digest Awards and one national Golf Shop Operation Award.  He operates an Indoor Golf Lesson Center in Stuart Florida and the “Shoot Par Now” Arlen Bento Jr. Golf Academy in Port St. Lucie Florida at the Saints Golf Course where he specializes in player development and offers his highly successful “Bento Golf Method” to players that want to learn how to get better.

For more information, you can contact him via his websites: https://www.shootparnow.com or  https://arlenbentojrgolflessons.com/

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