Upstream has dished out a strong melody with a revealing hook in the blues and country song ‘Queens – Horses’


Queens Horses

The prolific musical duo, Upstream has enchanted the fans with jazz-soaked sounds and oodles of blues and country in the magnificent track ‘Queens & Horses’.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- South Holland, Netherlands Mar 25, 2021 ( – The charismatic duo, Upstream has etched out bluesy vocals and great guitar melodies in their newest rendition. They have crafted the most incredible beats in their latest track ‘Queens & Horses’. They are a male-female duo and Chaja van der Heide and André van Solinge are the singer and vocalists respectively. They are a full band that plays authentic numbers in jazz, country, and blues. The duo is based out of Netherlands and the track has been released by the futuristic label ‘Upstream’. They are influenced by eclectic genres of music and do not a have specific style. They maintain their identity and dish out some of the best compositions on their own.

The splendid song, Queens & Horses‘ has got a fresh feel with an ear candy hook-line. The very talented musician duo, Upstream has come up with captivating lyrics and soul-rock sounds that are etched in the listener’s memory. The swaying groove and the melodic embraces have touched the hearts of millions. The brilliantly crafted track takes the fans on a great musical journey. The fans are flocking to their Facebook profile in numbers to glance through their latest shared posts.

The soft and smooth raspy vocals are a hallmark of the duo. The addictive vocals and the poetic lyrics are brilliantly engaging. The hypnotic melody and the energizing rhythm create an enthralling sound. Most of their tracks are inspired by tracks from the golden 70s. The last time they performed at an event was in December 2020. The magnificent songs by the duo are streamed on Spotify. 

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