One Person, No Vote in Onicha Olona, Delta State, Nigeria




(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Asaba, Delta Mar 14, 2021 ( – A clear and troubling picture of voter disenfranchisement by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa Administration and the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC).

According to Delta State Independent Elections Commission’s website (, Local Government Elections in Delta State’s 500 Wards were scheduled to take place On March 6, 2021. It is, however, not disputed by anyone that the election in Onicha Olona’s two (2) wards DID NOT take place. According to all accounts, the voting materials for the proposed election in Onicha Olona on March 6, 2021, were hijacked, by agents of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, who themselves are indigenes of Onicha Olona. I will come back later in this statement to speak directly to those Onicha Olona indigenes agents of Ifeanyi Okowa who conspired to perpetuate this rape on the voting RIGHTS of Onicha Olona indigenes.

As a stakeholder in the Nigerian project and indeed in the Delta State project, I have taken the time since this incident took place, to communicate directly with some of the principal actors and stakeholders from Onicha Olona. In my conversations with these folks, there was unanimity as far as the implications of the dastardly act; if allowed to stand.

It is with that in mind that I wish to address those two individuals who are indigenes of Onicha Olona credited with helping to perpetuate this fraud on our great Olona people. They know themselves, and may I ask that they quickly retrace their steps, by ensuring that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s Government reschedules the Local Government Elections for Chairmanship of Aniocha North LGA and the two (2) Councillorship Elections, so as to avoid a messy and drawn-out fight for Democracy, that is likely to ensue. This fight for Democracy without a doubt will directly impact the lives, family, investments, and properties of Ifeanyi Okowa, these two minions from Onicha Olona, and their kids wherever they may be. As for those two minions of Okowa from Onicha Olona, whom I feel do not deserve to be addressed by their names, due to the fact that only a political thug with the Intelligent quotient (IQ) of a sixteen (16) year old or a business owner and an intellectual midget whose source of wealth cannot be deemed to be clean or verified as these individuals would sell-out their kinsmen for a pot of porridge or political patronage. May I also suggest that there’s a special place in hell for such turncoats?

This clear discriminatory conduct against the indigenes of Onicha Olona by the Okowa Administration MUST not stand.

I urge all well-meaning Deltans and disciples of Democracy in general, to appeal to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to retrace his steps by ordering a special election in Onicha Olona’s two wards as a way to mitigate the unfortunate disenfranchisement of indigenes of Onicha Olona.

Failure to do so will put the voting rights of Ifeanyi Okowa, his family, and those two minions of his from Onicha Olona in dire jeopardy in the same way the voting rights of the indigenes of Onicha Olona is currently under jeopardy as an injustice to one is an injustice to all.

Voter Suppression anywhere destroys Democracy. Ifeanyi Okowa and his minions ought to know, that it helps no one in particular if elections are not held in two (2) out of 500 wards in Delta State.

Results from a poll of Onicha Olona indigenes that I sponsored after this incident show that an overwhelming majority of the indigenes of Onicha Olona believe that the Suppression of their Voting Rights by the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa administration that took place on March 6, 2021, was INTENTIONALLY DISCRIMINATORY. To that end, with the help of all well-meaning Voter Rights Advocacy Groups around the globe, we will see to it that those identified in this rape of Democracy and their off-springs; will be held accountable in due course.

One man (or woman), one vote expresses the principle that individuals should have equal representation in voting. The right to vote in an election is sacrosanct. The decision by Ifeanyi Okowa and his minions to toy with this right that many fought and died for, is unfortunate. We will observe a period of 14 days to see if the Delta State Government rectifies this crime against the indigenes of Onicha Olona before the next steps are taken to address this obvious injustice.

Aluta Continua!

Victora Acerta!!

Prince Emmanuel Ohai

Convener, Umu Anioma Worldwide.

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