Successful Entrepreneur – Author Lorie Deoleo Releases Her Most Anticipated Book Of The Year. ” THE ART OF DEALING”



The Art of Dealing, Becoming a Master Casino Dealer

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Mar 30, 2021 ( – Lorie Deoleo was not always the successful author, entrepreneur and philanthropist operating on the world stage. In fact, her reason for writing “The Art of Dealing, Becoming a Master Casino Dealer” came at a time when the wear and tear of corporate America began to exhaust her time and energy and when she realized that, even at best, any upward mobility or salaries equal to men had their limits.  Wanting to take a break from the long hours and pressure of corporate life, Lorie started to look seriously into starting an entirely new profession, one in which she could enjoy a little carefree living and where she could devote her newly found free time to the new house that she and her husband, Tony Deolo, had recently purchased. 

Completely unplanned and unexpected, Lorie, along with her husband, decided to begin a new career in the casino industry and enrolled in a school to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become master casino dealers.  The more she learned about the industry, the more she realized what an enjoyable and entertaining profession it was.  In addition, the pay scale was exceptionally lucrative.  She attended casino school for two years before going to work as a master casino dealer at a major casino where the salaries range between $80,000 to $100,000 a year, working only three to four days a week.

Lorie’s goal was to share this opportunity to people who are struggling to make a living, or were burnt out and sought to find a new profession, although most people were not even aware that casino jobs were attainable or that the salaries were so lucrative  With new casinos popping up throughout the country, there was a genuine opportunity for people to change careers and improve the quality of their lives.  So that she could share the success and enjoyment that she discovered, Lorie Deoleo wrote her breakout book, “The Art of Dealing, Becoming a Master Casino Dealer”, showing how anyone can start a new profession in the casino industry by receiving the training and developing the skills to become a master dealer.

The easy-to-follow book is a step-by-step guide to becoming an expert card dealer, along with the tips and tricks of the industry that will distinguish them from other dealers. It also shines a light on the fascinating inner workings of the casino industry itself.  “The Art of Dealing, Becoming a Master Casino Dealer” is Lorie’s labor of love, written solely to shape up and galvanize a better tomorrow for people who are willing to go the extra mile to transform their dreams into reality.

THE ART OF DEALING, BECOMING A MASTER CASINO DEALER is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. All version can be purchased at Deoleo Digital Publishing LLC:…/the-art-of-dealing-paperback-item. The eBook version can be found on Amazon, and Kindle and users will be delighted to know that this title is available in the Kindle Unlimited program at

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