By 2022, 82% Of All Internet Traffic Will Come From Video Streaming And Downloads


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ReputationUP Study Center’s analysis on Web traffic trends by 2022 indicates that 82% of the traffic will come from video streaming and downloading (and broadcasting).

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Miami, Florida Apr 27, 2021 ( – The success of the Internet and social networks has been exponentially increasing over recent years.

The amount of data freely available through the net includes not only comments or images, but also defamatory videos, which put those connected to digital media at high risk.

The most important aspect to consider, when a video with negative content is accessible to the audience, is the speed at which it can spread and become viral. As a result, it may compromise the image built over the years by a natural or legal person to the point of damaging its reputation.

Thus, it is clear that any type of video with defamatory content should be deleted.

Negative content is harmful both for a company, when selling a service or a product, and for an individual who is, for example, asked to provide references.

Many employers, before hiring someone, carefully seek information on the web to make sure that the candidate’s resume is not compromised from that point of view. A funny video can damage your job prospects“, explains Andrea Baggio, CEO Europe of ReputationUP. 

“When you reach certain positions, then, your life and your reputation are subject to strict controls,” adds Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO Americas of Reputationup. 

It is vital, to take an active approach to reputation management in the digital age. As you can read in this article by Forbes

“It’s important to know some of the challenges in reputation management to better prepare, especially in a world where technology is ever-evolving”.

The solution to stop the broadcast of videos, negative reviews, or other data, is in the hands of ReputationUP, a company specialized in monitoring and managing online reputation and in the elimination of defamatory content, both for government agencies, as for businesses or individuals.


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