Laurie Lewin brings mighty rock riffs with far-out indie-pop bars in the song ‘It Never Ever Crossed My Mind’


It Never Ever Cross My Mind

The indigenous music hero Laurie Lewin dedicates the new song ‘It Never Ever Crossed My Mind’ to the beautiful minds and special souls who want to help the world.

Totnes, Apr 30, 2021 ( – The world often forgets to honor the unsung heroes who don’t make any noise while stretching their arms to help others. The well-versed indie pop and folk musician Laurie Lewin is associated with a young and benevolent team who keeps others’ problems above every other personal issue. The young group of school students doesn’t think much before Issuewire helping people in distress. He dedicates the new song ‘It Never Ever Crossed My Mind‘ to the brave hearts and selfless young minds of these youngsters who reach out to support disadvantaged children. They roam around every corner of the planet and help those who are in difficult circumstances. With the amazing indie-pop number, he wants to embolden the spirit of the unsung heroes of the pandemic. Laurie Lewin has an innate passion for music. He had a deep connection with music since he was born.

He wrote his first song aged 10 and has not stopped writing since. He grew into confidence when he became a session bass player with musicians like Johnny Silvo, Noel Murphy, Harvey Andrews, and DizDisley. He traveled to Germany, Cyprus, Africa, New York, Dubai, Bahrain, and Oman and began grabbing a strong global musical footing. Now he writes in his cozy studio and directs the Voices Around The World Charity music project. ‘It Never Ever Crossed My Mind‘ leads the generation with folk-pop delicacy and emotive warmth. He connects with the audience with the honest passion for mighty indie rhythms. He confirms a unique take on the pop ballad writing format. Laurie released a new song called ’27th Floor’ after the success of his latest album. He is currently working with Howard Jones on two new releases for the Voices Around The Project. The next album Dust Before The Wind is going to release soon; so stay tuned with him on his website, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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