The Hot New EDM Track ‘MIAI’ By Thriving Musician N TIUSIO DJ Opens a New Door for the Global Electronic Music


N TUSIO DJElectronic music is already very popular with the younger generation everywhere. It is swiftly gaining the approval of the older generation as well as bringing some changes in its approach. Aspiring European musician Nicholas Tusio, also known as N TIUSIO DJ to his fans, is bridging the gap between the generations with his nostalgia-infused contemporary soundscape. After several hits, he has again marveled the audience with his latest creation, MIAI, released on popular digital streaming platforms. The track features a unique melodic flow that is achieved through perfect chord structures and clever progressive arrangements. The breathtaking instrumentation follows the progression and fall of the rhythms flawlessly without a fail. The amazing build-up offers a tantalizing vibe that reaches perfection with the subtle yet prominent drop. He has established an avid fan base in Europe and the world with his genre-bending rare rhythms.

Based in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the born talented musician, Nicholas Tusio is currently working with his very own production house N TUSIO DJ. His newly released single, ‘MIAI’ has the special flavor of European electronic scene mixed with his unique universal rhythms. The EDM and house resonance creates an ambiance of total acoustic satisfaction, mixed with dynamic techno beats. N TIUSIO DJ uses his musical creation as an instrument to releases his truest emotions and positive energy. His previous soundtracks like ‘NOMIAI’, ‘Flowers Park’, ‘Non Devi’, ‘Ntusio’, and more have become quite popular in the industry. Follow him on SoundCloud for more updates on his upcoming works.

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