There Has Never Been A Better Time To Write Your Book.


Head to Head With Jezebel

Thats the Message from Australian Based Author, as he clinches 2nd International Award

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Melbourne, Victoria May 6, 2021 ( – Australian-based award Winning Author, Wisdom V Mupudzi has done it again. He has recently been announced a Silver Award Winner in the 2021 E Lit Awards. The E Lit Awards were created by the Jenkins Group, a company based in Michigan, to honour and celebrate Digital Excellence in the area of books. The 2021 E Lit Awards results were announced on the 30th of April 2021. Wisdom V Mupudzi was awarded Silver in the Publishing/ Writing Category for his current release, Unleash the Book Within. 


He is certainly not a stranger to these awards, having won his first E Lit Award many years back, for Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner. Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner was awarded Silver in the Relationships/Sexuality Category.  According to Wisdom, this was his first book, and for the book to go on and win an international award was the perfect icing on the cake.


Wisdom says there has never been a better time to write a book. “Unleash the Book Within” is about sharing my journey and experience as an Award-Winning Author and I wanted to share some key fundamentals relating to the publishing industry and the Digital Economy at large”. According to Wisdom, the publishing industry has gone through so many changes that are technology-driven. Having worked in the telecommunications sector in Australia, Wisdom fully understands and has seen the power of technology in turning industries on their heads. He goes on to say that, besides the change in technology, writing books is about sharing your message, your story and empowering others, and leaving a legacy.



One of the things that Wisdom is passionate about is helping new authors bring their books to life. “Many people have brilliant ideas, and books in them, however, they are being held back by many things. This can be fear, fear of not being good enough, etc”.  Being a multi-published author has given Wisdom the technical know-how and the experience of starting a project from an idea into seeing it become a book that people can read today and many years today!  ”I’m so grateful for everyone who has supported me. Its always a pleasure and a blessing, when someone inboxes or leaves a review letting me know that their life has been positively impacted by my book and in some cases my books.”  So when it comes to supporting new authors, Wisdom goes on to say, “I help them bring their book ideas to life. By working with me, new authors can avoid common pitfalls and expensive mistakes that many new authors are making.”


Wisdom owns 100% rights to all his books, and he is happy to discuss partnership opportunities with publishers and organisations across the globe for local distribution in their jurisdictions. Some of his popular titles include Head to Head with Jezebel, How to Study for Results etc. For a full list of his books, you can check out his Amazon page. His books are also available through retailers such as Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, Smashwords, etc. You can connect via Instagram. 



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