Ebony Ormond-Ham, presents The Garden’s Executive Club, Inc


Garden’s Executive Club, an Elite Club for C-Suite Women Executives, Plants First Power Seed in Stone Mountain, Georgia

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia May 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Heading for steady progress but without a proper destination is not something expected and that is where proper support is necessary. History shows us that women had opportunities that are much lower than men and that trend is now changing with Women Empowerment.

On June 12, 2021, the colossally powerful vision of an elite club for executive women, The Garden’s Executive Club, Inc., founded by business and wealth tycoon, Ebony OH, will be introduced to many highly empowering women from all across the US.

The Garden’s Executive Club is a private Women’s Club with a Mission to engage and support powerful senior women C-Suite level executives, CEO’S and rising VP’s through multi-level networking-based coaching and training platforms; and it has plans for Global Domination.

Our members are women Executives across every high-income industry who are leading their companies and pushing other executive women leaders to the top.

The Garden’s Executive Club, Inc., founded by Ebony Ormond-Ham, is planting its first power seed in the vintage tourism attractions of downtown Stone Mountain; within a 2-mile radius of Stone Mountain Park’s West Gate entrance. A 2-story, 6,000-square-foot, beautifully adorned 2acre, a tribute to female executives.


Any entrepreneur or C-suite executive will tell you, leading a team can be as rewarding as it is punishing, with the long hours, cash-flow woes, and expectations to meet your customer’s and employee’s highest demands.


So, Imagine an elite club of executive female powerhouses finally able to debunk the stigma that “It’s lonely at the top”.


The Garden’s Executive elite club will offer private executive coaching, mental health support groups, counseling, access to angel investors, private lenders, grant research, and so much more!


While men have long enjoyed support from networks and clubs that cater to them, women in business historically have had fewer options–particularly when they’re younger.


No Worries! It’s Our Time and It’s Our Turn.


We’re getting ready to change this narrative for good by offering C-suite executives and rising vice presidents, mentorship opportunities across various industries, focused career coaching sessions, and networking events.


There’s also access to a clubhouse, a fine dining restaurant area (MaeG), a tribute to OH’s grandmother, Mary Glenn Jones, a speaker series, a book club, plans for a mini-golf course, and a host of workshops and professional development training ahead of us.


“The worst place to find yourself is climbing a ladder with nowhere to go and no one to catch you, should you fall. Ebony OH


About The Garden’s Executive Club:

This women’s club is founded by business and wealth tycoon Ebony Ormond-Ham and is launching its headquarters in downtown Stone Mountain. Georgia. The club is attributed to women executives who are in or around the top echelons of their positions.


For more information, please visit http://www.gardensexecutiveclub.com/


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