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After nearly 25 years of working tirelessly to create innovative digital signage and interactive self-service software solutions, Acquire Digital is proud to launch a new and upgraded website.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Boston, Massachusetts May 20, 2021 ( – After nearly 25 years of working tirelessly to create innovative digital signage and interactive self-service software solutions, Acquire Digital is proud to launch a new and upgraded website that properly represents their diverse project line-up in one convenient place.

Pioneers in the digital signage world, their products help companies around the world prioritize their unique digital requirements. With the launch of the new website, all of their amazing techs are streamlined in one place of accessible content.

CEO Neil Farr founded Acquire Digital in 1997 to unite trailblazing tech virtuosos with a vision of creating cutting-edge digital and self-service signage software solutions using progressive technology. Acquire Digital believes nothing is impossible when you fuse skill with boundary-breaking initiative. The fact their digital signage software is used worldwide by top brands including Simon Malls, Forum Shops in Las Vegas, Cineworld, Barclays, Intel, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, and countless others, is a testament to their ability to transform their vision of creating exciting visual experiences into a reality for legions of people to access.

A lot of companies profess their devotion to championing the customer experience but Acquire Digital showcases their user-centered thinking in the diversity of their products. Acquire Digital was founded to pioneer futuristic technology, and they have been successful in installing tens of thousands of software products globally that are altering the way people engage in public spaces forever; to say they are a global leader in their industry is an understatement.

Who exactly are the industry leaders at Acquire Digital? A family of self-confessed geeks? New wave tech lovers? A team of virtuosos? Introducing the cohort of in-house developers, software engineers, designers, and technical support, all united with a vision to create innovative software solutions for interactive self-service kiosks, digital displays, large format signage, and more.

They have sustained success because they adapt to their client’s needs as many times as the projects demand to produce the best result for their clients and corresponding customers. Their work has allowed consumers to connect more to the brands they love, bridging the gap by bringing the best of interactive tech to their fingertips – literally.

The team at Acquire Digital thinks easy-to-use tech is integral to the work they do, and this is mirrored in the navigation of their web space: track the achievements on their interactive timeline to see their pioneering products progress in real-time. The captivating thing about Acquire Digital’s tech is that it impacts you, no matter what your lifestyle looks like. But rather than brag about their accomplishments, the innovators at Acquire Digital have been busy focusing on digital signage creation behind the scenes. Now they are ready for the world to see everything, including all the exciting plans their pioneering team of tech whizzes guarantees to bring into fruition.

Digital directory software is another facet of their ground-breaking technological innovation that is put to good use in places like airports and shopping centers, where pinpointing your desired location is imperative to simplify the user experience. Customer wayfinding and mapping is now such a normal part of the modern age that Acquire Digital can prove their place as purveyors of the digital world.

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