First episode of podcast series The New Feminist, from ElectraCast Media, reveals fashion industry’s #MeToo moment


The New Feminist Podcast

Former model and women’s activist, Jill Sorensen, gives the scoop on common sense feminism from a new perspective, featuring fearless discussions with notable guests, beginning with explosive revelations about sexual abuse in the fashion world.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Los Angeles, California May 24, 2021 ( – The New Feminist is a new podcast program from ElectraCast Media that explores what feminism means in today’s world. Host Jill Sorensen is an activist, advocate, Swedish immigrant, and former fashion model on a mission to upend gender norms and confront systemic inequalities for women and girls.

In the first episode, Fashion’s #MeToo, Jill sits down with American model, actress and activist Carré Otis and model/businesswoman Ebba Karlsson to talk about the unspoken dark side of the modeling industry, confronting human trafficking and rampant sexual abuse of aspiring models, many of them minors.  Carré and Ebba share traumatic stories of their rape and assault by Elite model boss Gerald Marie, part of a growing criminal case against the Harvey Weinstein of the fashion world.

Featuring in-depth interviews and satirical take-downs of pop culture, The New Feminist Podcast explores women’s issues with humor and sincerity. Jill has dedicated her life to advocating for survivors of domestic violence and has built an extraordinary community of women, who we meet throughout the season. The show also “flips the script” on classic Hollywood plotlines, reversing the male and female roles to highlight the absurdity of gender roles in movies and television.

Each guest shares her own personal journey of self and empowerment, sharing personal stories and experiences, as well as their work to make the world a better place for women and girls, whether by spreading awareness on porn culture, taking a stand against human trafficking, or building mentorship programs for women.

Per Host and Creator, Jill Sorensen, “We live in a world formed by thousands of years of male rule. It’s time for a new normal. We need to reexamine our culture and society and create a world that works for 100% of its citizens.”

The New Feminist builds a bridge between my generation’s feminism and the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s by questioning the very notion of progress: How far have we really gotten, and how much farther do we need to go?” says series Producer Sienna Jackson.

ElectraCast Co-founder Mark Netter says, “My partner, Peter Rafelson, and I are extremely proud of this groundbreaking podcast work by Jill, Sienna, and team. The New Feminist conversations are eye-opening, sometimes infuriating, and always entertaining as they challenge societal preconceptions.”

Jill Sorensen is a Swedish writer/producer and women’s rights activist.  In 1993 she Co-founded Knock Out Abuse, a nonprofit organization raising awareness and funds for victims of domestic violence. Using her platform as an actress and model featured in magazines including Seventeen, Town, Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, she and the KOA team have helped rebuild over 30,000 lives with over 11 million dollars raised.

ElectraCast Media, LLC is a podcast-first media network founded by veteran entertainment execs Mark Netter and Peter Rafelson.  CEO Mark Netter comes from entertainment advertising and filmmaking.  President Peter Rafelson is multifaceted music, tech, and media entrepreneur,  ASCAP Writer, and Publisher of the Year.

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