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Mahmood Khan number 1 on charts

Mahmood Khan presents a cinematic sonic experience with his new scintillating track ‘I have to love you’

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New South Wales, Australia May 28, 2021 ( – Pushing his creative energy towards a direction of expressions, an artist whose music insinuates the tenderness of pop and the sophistication of jazz is Mahmood Khan. His melodicity, heart-felt compositions, and magical vocals come together in a mellifluous confluence to pave the way for a future that is fulfilling, both personally and artistically. His music carries the essence of his personality and has been recognized worldwide for its tremendous eccentricity.

The Pakistani-born Australian singer, musician, songwriter, and filmmaker is considered to be the most prominent world music artist of today. The world-renowned singer has topped the Billboard Charts for his explicit productions and continues to stun the audience with his pop sensibilities and effortless storytelling. His incredible career keeps evolving from strength to strength. After an amazing period of worldwide success, the multi-talented artist has recently released his new single ‘I have to love you’ that comes his embellished EP Imaginary Friend. The jazz-inspired EP shows Mahmood at his best as he keeps the mood natural and the tone calm. The song is an effortless striding to a lush pop production that connects with the listeners for its emotive quotient. Every hook of the song highlights the famous singer’s expressive storytelling as it flows along with the tropes of emotions, and love to appeal.

Mahmood Khan has witnessed various ups and downs in his long career graph. From being banned on TV and radio in Pakistan, to falling victim to piracy by Bollywood, to recording a live album at the Sydney Opera house, achieving the number one spot on the ARIA charts with his track ‘Like the river’, and to cracking the US world music radio station, his career is blessed with incredible diversity that could only be imagined. In Australia, the singer is successfully introducing a new genre called World/ pop, which is also known as Oz/ pop. The genre is based on funk and laced with world music sensibility with hip-hop overtones, and the lyrics portray a deep spiritual connection. In 2020, the world music artist claimed the number one spot on the Billboard for his famous song ‘Jagamarra’ and the latest single ‘I have to love you’ is sure to put his name into the pedestal of prominence on the global stage. The EP not just reinforces his outstanding sonic qualities but also highlights his versatile vocal range. The words penetrate the mind like a personal statement coming from the depths of his soul.

Mahmood Khan started his journey in the music industry as a sound engineer at Jam Power, where he worked for over 15 years before he ventured as a singer. The singer collaborated with the iconic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for his debut solo album that sold over six million copies. After the grand success, it was for the first time that a Pakistani-born artist cracked the US world music radio stations. Mahmood masters a wide palette of genres including hip-hop, funk, folk, gypsy, country, bluegrass, and Mariachi, and the qualities are well-reflected in his productions. Hear him out on Spotify and YouTube.

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