FastPCTools launches a new Fast Screen Recorder software to capture both video and audio screen activity


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Rajasthan, India May 31, 2021 ( – World’s one of the fastest-growing software developing companies, FastPCTools is launching another game-changing new software named Fast Screen Recorder for computer users to use worldwide. The software is designed to capture screen video and audio with great accuracy. The videos and audios will be recorded in their original quality offering a high-quality experience for the users. It can be extremely useful for gamers who can record the whole time they are playing without any kind of problem or disturbance. It is also very useful for students. Most of the world’s education has now converted from physical classes to online due to the pandemic. This screen recorder for PCs can be used by students to record their online classes and watch them anytime and as many times as they want.

The company has been launching products that have been quite popular among professionals who have to use computers regularly. Their new software Fast Screen Recorder is helping corporate offices to capture their team meetings with its seamless service. Any kind of screen activity can be recorded by using the software. One can record whatever is happening on their screen as many times as they want. Gamers can make videos of them playing for their YouTube videos. It can also be used to make software reviews and software tutorial videos. Users can make self-tutorials. Video presentations are made simple with this amazing software. A lot of people have been benefited from using the software.

The software is quite easy to use. First, the users need to download the software from the website of FastPCTools. Next, they must select the recording area, where they want to record. After that, they must choose an audio and mic setting for excellent audio quality. With everything set to their preference, they can now start the recording process by clicking on the REC button. Fast Screen Recorder allows its users to record gaming moments, meetings, tutorials, online conferences, and more with incredible video and audio quality with or without mic voice. Any screen area of the PC can be recorded either it is full screen or a specific area. The application also lets users set auto stop recording so that they do not have to remain constantly around during the recording process.

The application made by FastPCTools offers many advantages compared to similar products available in the market right now. The registered version of the software lets users record their screen activities without any kind of watermark. It is one of the main priorities of people when they are using a screen recorder. The registered version offers unlimited length and number for screen video recording. It manages the memory of the device. That is why it optimizes the video size without losing the quality. It also gives the audience a play option as soon as the recording is finished. The mouse activity can also be disabled during the recording process. One can disable it from the setting option in the app. There is a countdown option while using the service. It can also be disabled by turning it off from the setting option.

People can also change the shortcut key of the screen recorder. They can set a new key combination from the setting option. If they want to change it the way it was, they only have to click on Reset to Default to do so. FastPCTools is always upgrading the features and fixing minor and major report issues of the software. With the auto-update option enabled, one will get their hands on all the latest updates without a fail. It will also help the application run a lot smoother and it will continue to provide a seamless service.

The software Fast Screen Recorder is made by FastPCTools, a Jaipur, India-based software development company that makes high-quality applications for computers. They design and develop simple yet powerful software that is easy to use and user-friendly. They offer highly affordable products that improve the experience of computer users all over the world. The company has a team of young, certified, and experienced professionals who have worked with different industry-driven projects. To know about their services in detail, visit them at

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