Versatile Rapper King Hansom is Creating New Root in Hip Hop with his Latest Banger ‘Blessings’


Blessings by King Hansom

Enjoy the lyrical ballad with King Hansom and his latest hip-hop single ‘Blessings’. The track is setting an example in the industry with its strong bars and music.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Providence, Rhode Island Jun 3, 2021 ( – Up-and-coming rapper King Hansom is dishing out indulgent verses through his latest single Blessings. The track is made of deftly produced musical arrangement and clever wordplay which makes it one of the greatest bangers in the current hip hop scene. Utilizing the contrast of weight and delicacy, banger consists of rhythm, melody, and gritty. Hooky electronic sound design and bass-soaked digital beats create a hypnotic soundscape that engages the listeners. The rapper meanders through the soundscape with his eclectic deliverance and smooth lyrical flow which establishes the subject matter of life captured in beats. The banger has been released under the production house of WoeLifeMusic Group.

This talented Rhode Island-based rapper has made some great progress through his musical career with each release of his bangers. His unwavering personality, intriguing lyrical flow, and great rhythmic sense have made this artist one of the most well-seasoned and natural rappers in the modern era. The hard-hitting verses come straight out of his heart and gut, sounding more like a raw freestyle rather than a polished studio record. His earlier tracks like, ‘ antisocial’, ‘Glow Up’ are the just beginning of his musical career which is quickly followed by the track ’21’. King has collaborated with Skylar Ray for this track that provides good wishes to all the survivors who has made it to 2021 with a fair share of struggle and lost ones. The single garnered a lot of attention from the listeners and industry as well. The success is quickly followed by another recent track named, ‘My People’. Each of King’s musical releases comes up with a new color, narrative, and musical arrangement to surprise the fans and followers.

The artist has also done some exciting freestyle projects like, ‘Back Applying Pressure (BAP)’, ‘Beat Box freestyle -thuggin on repeat’, etc to name. His latest release ‘Blessings’ truly carries his musical aura which is a blessing for all the listeners. It has also premiered with an official music video available on his YouTube channel. The video perfectly portrays the artist’s confident yet humble personality and engaging rapping style. Follow King Hansom on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to know more.

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Blessings by King Hansom

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