Crowdfunding Initiatives Surge as COVID19 cases Worsens in India


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Global Crowdfunding Initiatives Increases to Help India Battles the Worst Pandemic to Hit their Country so Far.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Tokyo, Japan Jun 9, 2021 ( – Coronavirus cases in India have reached more than 28 Million and recorded deaths are close to 330,000. Hospitals and crematoriums are being overwhelmed with patients and piles of bodies being brought hour by hour. Thousands of people lost family members, the grieving is made worse by the terrible condition of how bodies are being disposed of due to lack of facilities that can cater to the number of daily deaths.

The situation has impelled many people across the globe to help, various crowdfunding initiatives were launched to help India fight this deadly pandemic that caused the lives of hundreds of thousands of its people. The most project focuses on providing food to the needy, procuring additional oxygens, and providing basic sanitation kits and masks and so on. 

Airfunding,  a global crowdfunding platform has hosted hundreds of these initiatives. Currently, Airfunding has recorded $10,830 amount of donations for India COVID19 over the past weeks and expected to gather more donations in the coming days. In its 3 years of operations, Airfunding has helped close to a million people around the world get funding for medical and other personal or community needs.  One of the most successful projects is from Ramsha of Delhi who has raised $6,801 in less than a month. Her family is infected with COVID19 together with her whole community. She sought help to pay for additional oxygen and hospital beds

Another project recently created aimed to help underprivileged people who are suffering from hunger as the situation in India worsens. As of today, Lalith Arugula raised $450.00 in donations through Airfunding.

Another notable project is India Needs Oxygen, the group aimed to provide an additional supply of oxygen to their community. A. Kumar started this crowdfunding project because he is left helpless seeing his community hospital run out of oxygen. He is pleading for people to help him and the rest of India to provide the needed oxygen.

Airfunding is a fundraising platform that specializes in small-scale projects made by individuals, groups, or local NGOs, for a personal cause, community initiative, an event, or just anything that needs funding.  It is a keep-it-all crowdfunding platform, so project owners keep the entire amount collected even if the target has not been met. Airfunding has over 10,000,000 supporters around the world and can be accessed in 200+ countries. Airfunding is free to use, anyone can register and start creating projects in less than 5 minutes.


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