Have a Taste of New Age Hip-Hop Music with Jonni Rockett, n8c and Akeem Magnetic Along with their Latest Bangers


Twenty Twenty One by Jonni Rockett Cheat Code by N8c WHOA by Akeem Magnetic

Join an exciting musical journey with rappers Jonni Rockett, n8c, and Akeem Magnetic. They have released ‘Twenty Twenty One’, ‘Cheat Code’, and ‘WHOA!’ respectively.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Fairburn , Georgia Jun 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – New age hip hop music is getting enriched by emerging rappers like Jonni Rockettn8c, and Akeem Magnetic. This powerhouse trio is revolving at the epitome of the hip hop industry with their latest bangers that reflect each of the artists’ talent, skills, and lyrical flow individually. Jonni has recently released a track named Twenty Twenty One. As the name suggests, the track depicts the picture of 2021 where there is a new hope beyond the pandemic. This talented Atlanta artist is recreating the essence of trap music with his creative brisk moves, clever wordplay a confident personality.

On the other hand, n8c is creating some significant buzz with his latest single Cheat Code. The artist has come up with the hardest grooves and flavors of the streets blended with the intensity of trap. He started writing quite early and realized how his poetry can be turned into an intense banger. His intriguing and spacious verses create a sense of identity of the track. Followed by Akeem, the artist has come up with his latest track WHOA!, as surprising as the title. His hybrid style of rapping clearly bursts off through the exciting musical arrangement with heavy bass drops. Each of the releases like, ‘Crime College’, ‘Check’, ‘Cash Route’, etc reflects the determination of the rapper to create something new.

These powerful rappers are gaining at full throttle through their musical journey while working together under new powerhouse indie label Crosses & Kingz Productions. The latest tracks ‘Twenty Twenty One’, ‘Cheat Code’, ‘WHOA!’, etc released under this. Follow Jonni Rockettn8c, and Akeem Magnetic on Spotify and Instagram to know more.

To listen to these songs visit the given links: 

Twenty Twenty One: https://open.spotify.com/track/2kryC4J4ayTZzBfxrYiMYs

Cheat Code: https://open.spotify.com/track/3TFMG20YsK1oqb9ZtWuKNU

WHOA!: https://open.spotify.com/track/6J2AFy3cKO6iYShMAdO1wy

Twenty Twenty One by Jonni Rockett Cheat Code by N8c WHOA by Akeem MagneticTwenty Twenty One by Jonni Rockett Cheat Code by N8c WHOA by Akeem Magnetic

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