Music Artist ASH CASH’s New Song ‘BEAT BOX’ Creates Waves of Engagement in the Scope of Hip Hop



Upcoming music artist A$H CA$H’s bold and spontaneous verses of her newly released single, ‘BEAT BOX’ is changing the course and history of hip hop and rap.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Bronx, New York Jun 21, 2021 ( – Rapper and hip hop artist A$H CA$H has embarked upon a journey of changing the course of the genre with her bold moves and spontaneity. She recently came out with a single, ‘BEAT BOX‘ that is gradually garnering a wider audience base. The song is her debut and shows a lot of potential in becoming a breakthrough in the years to come. She takes control of the song with her confidence and rapping abilities making the whole experience a lot more relatable. A lyrical course that speaks of truth and purpose, the artist is successful in creating a thematic bond with the song. The various layers of the track tell a story as she contributes to each element with her support and guidance. The use of an incredible production arrangement speaks volumes of contemporary influences and inspiration.

The upcoming artist has developed her own rapping style that makes her stand apart from her contemporaries. Although she has recently started out with her career, her debut song, ‘BEAT BOX‘ presents her expanse of creative knowledge and abilities. The song is her first introduction to the audience and it seems as if she has bagged her fans. With the growing popularity, she will soon find a bigger audience base from across the globe. Representing all the women in hip hop, she sets a benchmark of motivation for all those who dream of venturing in the same direction as hers. Her soundscape is a symbolic representation of her might, endless conviction, and a sense of creative and personal liberation.

The new song also comes with an accompanying music video that keeps the audience glued. Her use of different elementary components and turning them into a complex but penetrable production stream deserves appreciation. As A$H CA$H continues to grow and expand her music, she is in a direction of establishing her own legacy with her music. She shows a prolific and dynamic side of herself in her music which is the driving force of her success. The audience can relate to her music and perceive life with a better understanding. Follow her on YouTube and Instagram to stay updated on all her latest releases.

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