The Supreme Team launches the largest database of music executive and industry contacts on the internet.


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MIDB.US Massive Music Industry Contacts Database

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- College Station, Texas Jul 7, 2021 ( – The Supreme Team, an Austin, Texas-based EDM and RAP promotion agency (, has announced a new tool that will make life much easier for the average working musician who is trying to get a deal, publish a review, or just get more gigs. 

“The goal is to help independent artists break through the barrier that limits access to executives and other key players in the music industry.” 

The recently launched, Music Industry Database ( is a free service that provides contact information for over 100K music industry contacts. Some of the listing categories included in the massive database are: 

  • A&R (192)
  • All Magazines (5826)
  • Bars & Nightclubs (15266)
  • Booking Agents (197)
  • College Radio (116)
  • Contests & Awards (111)
  • Distributors (60)
  • DJ / Mixtapes (547)
  • Indie Record Stores (732)
  • Mastering (264)
  • Music Blogs (5830)
  • Music Magazines (685)
  • Music Managers (7304)
  • Music PR / Media (840)
  • Music Reviewers (1626)
  • Music Schools (395)
  • Newspapers (2552)
  • Producers (420)
  • Promoters (345)
  • Publicists (187)
  • Publishers (132)
  • Radio Shows (4095)
  • Radio Stations (15955)
  • Record Labels (1396)
  • Recording Studios (643)
  • Rehearsal Studios (133)
  • TV Media (9920)
  • Venues & Festivals (11219)

The Supreme Team has long touted their “Reach and Respect” approach to customized organic SoundCloud promotion with a focus on streaming platforms like TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. They are most known for their promotional work with rappers Lil Peep and Chance the Rapper. 

When asked about the unique services that The Supreme Team offers, “We give our artists a boost by getting their music in front of a real audience. We provide the first wave of engagement that they may not be able to get otherwise.”

The Supreme Team is a group of experts with more than 10+ years of experience in streaming music promotion. Their Organic Soundcloud, Spotify, and TikTok promotion packages have helped more than 7000 artists, musicians, lyricists, labels, and many others to promote their SoundCloud music organically to get millions of real Soundcloud plays, reposts, likes, social shares, and other engagements.


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The Supreme Team
THE SUPREME TEAM is an Austin, Texas based Music Influencer Promotion Agency with a focus on streaming platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify and TikTok.
[email protected]
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