Mucho Banks is fleshing out the original essence of new-age with his latest track ‘Larusso’


Mucho Banks

Chicago-based uber-talented rapper Mucho Banks is spreading his musical aura, through the latest track ‘Larusso’. The official music video is shot by Dinero Films.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Jul 21, 2021 ( – Featuring smooth productions and a crispy lyrical ballad, Mucho Banks has come up with his latest banger ‘Larusso’. Setting up the mood for the party, this single is masterfully crafted with an upbeat musical arrangement that provides some major hooks and grooves. Catchy beats along with a melodic rapping style offer more clarity as the track progresses. The rapper’s delicately slumberous vocal tone keeps sprawling through his eclecticism and deliverance. A relatable lyrical approach does not fail to keep the listeners engrossed in it. The rapper meanders through the intoxicating soundscape and adds a potential layer and weight and intensity to it. Released under the label of Green wall Street, the banger is creating a huge buzz in the music industry.

Hailing from Chicago, this versatile rapper is hustling hard and getting powerful with his each music representation. The latest banger Larusso has been premiered with an official music video which has garnered much attention from the viewers. Dinero Films has done an amazing job in shooting the video which comes with a complementary storyline. Featuring the artist, co-performers, and the hood; there is much intensity which is represented with a swanky lifestyle. Money, women, guns, and blunts are some of the elements which made it more enjoyable and gangster-like dominating. The video shows more of a house-party-like setting where everyone is enjoying the flavors of life. Hefty bass drops and rhythmic progression make bop their head while enjoying this single.

Previously, this artist has released two more bangers namely ‘Lord Knows’ and ‘Get It Too’ that helped him broaden his way to the industry. Both of the tracks have been released with an official music video shot by Dinero Films. That bangers contain a fair amount of creativity and artsy of the artist and his skills. Currently, this rapper is already working on his next project to keep his creativity and consistency flowing. His songs are available on YouTube, don’t forget to follow him there. Following Dinero Films can introduce too many other independent artists around. Mucho Banks is also available on Instagram. Follow him there to get more updates on his upcoming music.

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