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Nationwide Health Training is a leading provider in BLS, PALS and ACLS certification classes online. Medical professionals from all 50 states have enrolled in our online classes to earn their certification, training, or ongoing education.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New York City, New York Jul 23, 2021 ( – ACLS, PALS, BLS, and CPR certifications are considered an important part of the career of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, and paramedics. The certification and recertification in these courses provide the mark of their knowledge, skills, and expertise and enable them to keep their cards. 

Online recertification and certification in ACLS, BLS, and other similar courses have today become essential to help medical professionals save time and effort on traveling to the training centres for learning new skills and upgrading their knowledge. 

These classes are also recommended for people in jobs such as medical students, military, teaching, fire-fighting, sports coaching, and so on. These professionals are more likely to come across situations wherein they might need to perform immediate first aid procedures to save the life of someone who is experiencing a critical medical event.  

Nationwide Health Training offers online courses for certification and recertification for medical professionals and other people who might need it to receive and renew their PALS, BLS, and ACLS cards. 

The certification and recertification courses offered by Nationwide Health Training include the following: 

CPR Certification      

CPR certification online courses by Nationwide Health Training contain a less extensive training as compared to the training for other courses like BLS, and ACLS. However, CPR certification classes cover all the major groups of patients such as adults, older people, children, and infants. 

Medical professionals can enrol in the CPR training online classes to receive their certification card and undergo on-going training and education. 

These courses are designed and developed based on the guidelines by the American heart association to ensure optimum compliance enabling you to manage critical medical events such as drowning or choking with a greater efficiency. 

CPR certification Las Vegas is meant to help medical professionals learn and upgrade their life-saving skills so that they can handle medical emergencies more efficiently and based on the latest guidelines. 

The CPR certification also includes training to use life-saving machines like automated external defibrillators (AEDs). It should be noted that AEDs are nowadays available in most public places and buildings. Undergoing CPR Certification would help them save the life of someone in an emergency medical situation such as a heart attack or cardiac failure.

ACLS Certification                  

The ACLS certification online courses comprise the training of medical and other professionals to support their effort to gain and update the skills needed for performing critical procedures for saving the patient’s life. 

Healthcare providers including doctors, and nurses as well as paramedics and dentists are required to obtain their ACLS Certification cards. The ACLS recertification courses are designed to teach them how to provide efficient care during respiratory, cardiovascular, and other emergencies through learning team dynamics and ACLS algorithms. 

The ACLS course online training is based on the 2015 ECC guidelines. It includes all the 2017 ACLS updates. 

Medical professionals can enrol in ACLS online courses once their certification card is due for renewal or has already expired. This will help them avoid spending time commuting to ACLS classes near me and allow them to renew their certification card more easily by undergoing training from home or clinic while remaining updated with the advanced cardiac life support sciences.

BLS Certification  

Nationwide Health Training has BLS certification online courses for healthcare professionals and even those in non-healthcare jobs. Medical professionals now do not need to search for BLS recertification classes near me for enrollment and learning as BLS certification Las Vegas by Nationwide Health Training can allow them to obtain their certification and even renew it by undergoing training from their home or clinic. 

BLS recertification online covers the guidelines for the treatment of adult patients and even children having emergencies till the time they can receive any advanced intervention by the team of healthcare professionals. Medical professionals now have the opportunity to get their BLS certification to learn life-saving skills including high-level CPR procedure, single person or team rescuer protocol, and the guidelines for patient care in the clinics and hospitals. 

The BLS certification courses at the Nationwide Health Training can be done online at any time that is convenient for trainees. Once the registration is over, they are provided access to the training for 24 hours all days of a week. In addition to the basic life support courses for receiving the BLS card for the first time, Nationwide Health Training also offers BLS renewal courses for those whose certification card is due to expire or has already expired.

PALS Certification               

The PALS training online course by Nationwide Health Training is specifically designed for doctors, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals who need to undergo regular training to manage cardiac emergencies in infants and children. 

They are required to undergo PALS certification to receive and maintain their certification cards. The PALS certification online includes the training for ACLS for treating emergencies in young patients including infants and kids. The training material is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure the highest compliance with the regulations and guidelines recommended by the concerned medical authorities.

Seeking the courses at Nationwide Health Training will allow you to avoid traveling to PALS certification near me. You do not have to search for PALS classes near me as the online courses at Nationwide Health Training will provide training for treating pediatric patients. You can undergo the training from anywhere and at any time that is convenient to you.


All courses offered by Nationwide Health Training are designed and developed by expert medical professionals having years of experience. The course materials for these classes have been created based on the latest guidelines and the available medical and technical literature. 

Nationwide Health Training has made it easier for you to undergo training for the ACLS, BLS, PALS, and CPR certifications and recertifications without the need to take out time from your busy schedule for traveling to any training centre. This is specifically important for working professionals who are pressed for time and have difficulties in visiting the training centres due to their hectic schedules.

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