Online Classified Platform Limus Classified Offering the Best Ecommerce Opportunities for Global Buyers and Sellers


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Sep 12, 2021 ( – Limus Classified is an online classified platform, where people can sell and buy products. They connect buyers and sellers located around the globe within their scope of more than half a million listings across hundreds of categories where users can buy, sell and find just about everything.

Limus Classified features over 10,000 new listings daily across categories such as Music Instruments, Home & Garden, Collectibles, Art, Accessories, Electronics, Vehicle, Crafts, Baby & Children, Sport & Fitness, Clothing & Jewellery, and more. Using the platform is also very easy and user-friendly. One just needs to create an account, post their desired ad and start their journey of buying and selling products within the best deals out there. The platform has already garnered over 80K users with a total of 250K ads, 95K feature ads, and a whopping 156K total visitors. Limus Classified offers the best marketplace that helps users compare prices from thousands of retailers in one place.

Limus Classified aims to represent and deliver an environmentally friendly and local way to recycle products. Apart from that, because Limus Classified connections are between people who live near each other, one can always see, touch, and try an item before they buy it thus guaranteeing authenticity and quality of products during each selling purchasing cycle. Users can feel free to browse through their extensive catalog of products and find the best price for what they are looking for.

The company is also proud to announce that every month they help over 150,000 people around the world to share more, waste less and find the thing that they need in their day-to-day lives. The platform is all about making connections. They are an invincible team that values collaboration and works within an open, inclusive, and honest culture with a dynamic team that believes in supporting each other and our communities.

Limus Classified is an online marketplace containing classified ads for different categories of products where the seller meets the buyer under the best e-commerce circumstances. If you are interested in further knowing their scope of buying or selling opportunities, visit their website at

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