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David Davenport known as OGD is an American Rapper from Indianapolis, Indiana. Tune in and learn more about his rise in the music industry.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Sep 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Early Life

David grew up in the city of Indianapolis. Often moving to different houses & schools, he was able to meet many peers and later turn them into supporters of OGD. Being very creative and curious, David was appealed to hip hop music and even started drawing album covers at the young age of 5, along with writing song titles that would later be turned into music. Influenced by artists such as EminemHopsinThe Game, and father/ hip hop artist “Madman1“, OGD was developed by being inspired by these artists at such a young age. 

     Chasing dreams throughout the duration of school, David often dealt with lots of discrimination and bullying in the early stages. Determined to overcome this stress, David formed into OGD and kept chasing. 

Releasing many independent mixtapes, OGD built a buzz by opening for mainstream acts (21 Savage+ more), and later headlining shows around his hometown to get connected with the city, and later work state to state. OGD was involved in competition choirs throughout high school and participated in the first year of the “States Men” choir at Franklin Central High School. Graduating in 2020 from Franklin Central High school of Indianapolis, IN., OGD continues its early stages with lots of success.



      OGD has launched an independent record label MindBlowingMusic “MBM Global” in 2016 to represent OGD Madman1. Since the current date (2021), MBM Global has had over 20,000,000+ streams worldwide, along with a hit single “Walk It Out” by OGD Madman1 with over 1,000,000+ streams. 

     OGD launched MBM Global Studios in (2017) becoming the home of MBM artists for recording, mixing & mastering, photography & videography. With the success of MBM Studios, OGD was able to launch the MBM Global Stores in (2020) for the spree

merchandise of OGD Madman1


Associating Acts


The Game 

Busta Rhymes



Bezz Believe 

Mark Battles 






Killing Everything (2018)

Through The Rain Clouds (2019)

Killing Spree (2020)


OGD has created a unique sound consisting of RapHip-Hop, and RnB often being mixed with each other. Being diverse with mixing lyrical phrases and melodies within songs, OGD harmonizes music that appeals to the listener. OGD was involved in music since the age of 5. Watching his father “Madman1” in the studio and drawing cover arts and singing to beats. Later writing music, OGD started to record and created over 10 unreleased projects including 3 albums, 4 mixtapes, and 3 ep’s. 

Releasing a first major single, OGD Madman1 teamed up on “Walk It Out” and gained over 1,000,000 streams in the first year. Being independent, was a jump start to both artists’ careers and set the tone for more to come. 

To the current date (2021) OGD has released 3 studio albums, Killing EverythingThrough The Rain Clouds, and Killing Spree


Personal Life

OGD is a Christian and worships Jesus Christ. He was raised in a very close family with lots of manners and kindness, applying this to everyday situations. Growing up with animals, OGD has a love and passion for them and has a goal of owning a farmhouse on land in Florida. Having issues of seizures, OGD has been through many tests to find the cause of these health issues and to prevent them in the future.

Currently living in Indianapolis, IN. OGD travels for recording, meet & greets, interviews, shows, and festivals, being his main hobby. He has recorded over 10 projects along with independently releasing, publishing, editing, mastering, etc. Later getting into photography & videography, OGD loves to film, edit, and release his own music videos. 

With more passions, OGD co-sponsors Sundown Audio and Down4Sound car audio, often posting their brand on social media, OGD has a passion for car audio. 



David Charles Davenport 

Born: Nov. 7, 2001 

Origin: Indianapolis, IN. 

Education: Franklin Central High School

Occupation: American Rapper 

Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB

Labels: MBM Global, MindBlowingMusic 

Website: realogd.com


OGD – Social Media



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com ogdrapWeb resultsOGD Music (@ogdrap) Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com itsogdOGD Music – Home | Facebook

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1eLKlwX0GrhnvGF70OzGQU?si=k0cBetNnTMastPqll98k0A&dl_branch=1

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/ogd/000878

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCLIl6C8iQjWCK5D8_PUiT_g


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David Davenport known as OGD is an American Rapper from Indianapolis, IN.
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