Rice collaborates with JMuzique to explore undiscovered tangents of hip-hop in their new project ‘No Brady’


No Brady Rice ft JMuzique

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Massachusetts, United States Oct 9, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Bringing with himself an unparalleled musical experience, artist Jerard Roosevelt Rice, most popularly known as Rice is driven to entertain, excite, and inspire listeners with his enriching hip-hop compositions. Coming in with his skillful vocal strength, the artist hopes to craft for himself a brilliant new imprint in the world of rap and hip-hop, and has channeled his wisdom and musical knowledge to dynamically stun the listeners. His artistic approach has already helped him stand out in the lot and the rapper has showcased incredible seasoned musical sensibilities to solidify his mark.

On his newest release, Rice has collaborated with JMuzique from Atlanta to deliver the single ‘No Brady’ that has secured the top spot across numerous music charts. Both the rappers have seamlessly melded together their rhythmic flavors with impact-driven songwriting to send waves in the genre. With an out-of-box approach, the artist stays true to the classic hip-hop roots and infuses his raw vibe to appeal. With each release, the talented rapper hopes to take forward a dream which began as a child. As a child, the artist manifested to transform the strict genre rules and grew up experimenting with his style to instill refreshing energies into his productions.

Proudly representing Worcester County, Rice has succeeded in his goal to create a distinct sound that uniquely highlights his personality, and the latest release ‘No Brady’ proves that the artist has worked hard to achieve his present stature. Both the artists are immensely grateful to the fans for their innate support and love and aim to enthrall them with their collaborative effort. Furthermore, Poze radio has awarded the song for the Black Excellence performance video.

‘No Brady’ captures Rice’s and JMuzique’s extraordinary skill set which exemplifies their impact on the rap world. The collaboration has proved to be successful and has also paved the way for creative diversity in the most captivating manner. The song comes attached with a music video that shows a fixed image of both the artists on the backdrop. Through the song, Rice establishes himself as a poetic rapper who nurtures the creative depth that goes very far to outline his unique artistry. Combining contemporary production style with his brilliant lyrical influence, he inspires other striving artists to chase their dreams.

Believing in creating his reality as a flamboyant hip-hop recording artist, the rapper has worked diligently to establish a core fan base with his simple pop hooks and catchy rhyme schemes. His music is influenced by Akon, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Jay-Z, and others, and the rapper shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Thanking Atlanta Records, Sauce and J Stone, and WOA Team Sinatobeats for their humble effort to execute the project, both Rice and JMuzique are looking forward to treating their fans with more such exciting compositions in the future.

Listen to the track on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/album/7eMZB2MhUHR1kJDJzB18u5?si=mA-7yqivTrag8_ac4IgU0g&dl_branch=1) and YouTube 9  ), and follow him on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/thereal_arroz/ ) and Facebook (https://m.facebook.com/PheonixRice/ ) for more details.

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