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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales Nov 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – A fulfilling career starts with a strong resume

As Australia emerges from COVID-19 lockdown, the country’s retail, hospitality, and related industries are opening their doors for the first time in months to eager customers and prospective employees. This offers an exciting opportunity for students, recent graduates, and budding young professionals to dive into the job market and start building their careers with help from Resumes To You

One hurdle that stands in the way for many, is uncertainty about the job application process and crafting a resume. Writing a strong resume is both an art, and a science. Doing it well inevitably leads to more interviews and more opportunities. Doing it poorly may leave applicants feeling tired, stressed, and like their dream job is out of reach.

The key is communicating the value

Founder of Resumes To You, resume-writer and career coach, Matt Tutty, has spent his career helping the next generation of emerging professionals to secure their dream jobs. He says that despite an abundance of online resources, many young Australians don’t know where to begin when it comes to crafting a compelling resume. In addition to this, those who search for answers online are often left feeling confused after being inundated with conflicting advice.

With decades of experience up his sleeve, Matt Tutty has brushed shoulders with industry leaders, recruiters, and HR professionals from a variety of sectors. He says that understanding the primary objective of a resume is the first step on a jobseeker’s path to success.

“Contrary to popular belief, resumes aren’t just about promoting an individual’s skills and experience,” Matt Tutty said.

“The focus should be on communicating the benefit that your skills provide the employer, not the skill itself.”

Whether it’s a sales assistant role for a fashion retailer or an undergraduate internship for an engineering company, all employers need to know how a prospective employee’s skills will be leveraged to help achieve organisational objectives.

“Metrics are a fantastic way to communicate the positive impact that your unique skills can have on an organisation, in a manner that is concise and measurable,” Matt Tutty said.

“Different industries and role types will call for different metrics, however, a general guide is to list measurable achievements that demonstrate the relevant skills you possess and compare these results to industry benchmarks.”

Stand out from the crowd

Another important strategy to consider whilst crafting a resume is keyword matching.

A step that is often overlooked, keyword matching involves tailoring the wording of a resume to reflect those used in the job description.

Matt Tutty shares why this strategy is so effective.

“Employers and recruiters read through dozens of resumes every day and don’t always have time to read every single one word for word,” he said.

“Instead, they’ll scan for specific keywords and experience to develop their shortlist.”

Although this strategy requires applicants to tailor their resumes to each job application, Matt Tutty explains that this is time well spent.

“Keyword matching is a proven method to ensure that whether your resume is being scanned by a person or a computer, it will stand out as a good fit – making it an investment with high returns.”

Harness the power of industry insights and decades of experience

Seeking the advice of a professional resume writing service may be an ideal option for individuals whose resumes aren’t resulting in call-backs for interviews.

“Securing your dream job takes a carefully thought-out strategy to position yourself above the competition,” Matt Tutty said.

“A professional resume writer knows how to target your resume to your desired industry and emphasize the most relevant skills and experience.”

With Australia’s retail and hospitality sectors finally opening after months spent in hibernation, there’s no better time for young Australians to perfect their resumes and make a strong start in the job market.

Matt Tutty shares the added benefits of going the professional route.

“Getting help from a professional not only offers you the best chance at standing out in a highly competitive job market but can also eliminate a lot of the stress that is associated with job-hunting.”

Curious to learn more? Resumes to You have a plethora of free resources to assist you with your resume preparation. Kickstart your career today.

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