Contemporary Fine Art Artist and Photographer, Toni Payne, Sells Out New NFT Series on First Weekend of Launch, Talks Ab


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Toni Payne’s new NFT photography art collection and series are being appreciated widely by leading NFT connoisseurs. She speaks on how NFTs could be an opportunity for black women artist to be seen outside the traditional art space.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Nov 10, 2021 ( – LA-based top photographer, Toni Payne, is making waves in the NFT scene, so much so that her latest NFT photography art series “Power In Words” got sold out (first set) in the very first weekend of the launch. The award-winning multi-dimensional visual artist is a pioneer in the fine art food photography NFT world where she debuted this year through her Dutch Masters-inspired, September collection, “Still Life With Food.”

In an exclusive interview, Toni shared that “Power In Words” is a unique photography art series that infuses inspirational quotes (which the artist has written) with photographic art in muted tones. The first set of the series has already been sold out but the artist said it’s an ever-growing series that will have new artworks added to it over time.

“I am glad that my NFTs have caught the eye of big names in the NFT world like Mark Cuban and Gary Vee, enough for them to interact with me on Twitter. I am grateful to the connoisseurs for appreciating my work – it’s a wonderful feeling to see your collection receiving such an amazing response over a platform that’s new to me altogether,” shared Toni Payne, while talking about the first set of Power In Words being sold out in just a few days of the launch.

As of now, Toni has listed her 1st photography art collection and 3 series on various NFT marketplaces. Her recent collection is titled, “Everyday Africa,” which is on the Ethereum network. Shot in different parts of Africa, the collection explores life in the continent through artistic photographic captures.

“It feels great to see that my NFT photography artworks are being appreciated widely across the NFT space. This is an opportunity for black women artists like myself to be able to make a substantial income from their art and potential for generational wealth. I believe the NFT space is bustling with great potential, and I am delighted to be a part of it,” stated Toni.

Much to the delight of photography art artists, NFT photography Art is soaring high on historical collection houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s of late. Such a warm response from such legendary art houses will certainly encourage a rising number of photography artists to step into the NFT world.

Speaking on, Toni said that her blue-chip collection features contemporary fine art images influenced greatly by Dutch Masters like Vermeer. The collection currently has 6 still life with food pieces and it merges old school with contemporary through the medium of photography.

“I am passionate about creating ‘timeless art,’ something that will always be relevant even after years. My art form brings a merge of old and new to create unique art pieces that will have the best of both worlds. I have merged the old school art with the contemporary medium of photography to experiment with the depths of photography and I have discovered some amazing results. Such a unique convergence also forms the core of my future NFT work which I would be launching on the NFT space in the coming months.”

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