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A handy infographic to tell apart the brand new Boeing 737 Max from it’s predecessor the 737-800

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nevada Nov 11, 2021 ( – Flight search aggregator has just released a very handy infographic on the main visual differences between the Boeing 737 MAX and the 737-800. Any traveler who is interested in identifying the airplane they are flying will find the infographic very useful during their journey.

Different Winglets

In their latest infographic, they highlight that the main difference between the two models can be found at the end of the wings. The so-called ‘winglets’ are there on any modern aircraft. They are useful to control the air around the wingtips. This way airplanes can create better lift and achieve greater fuel economy.

The Boeing 737 MAX has a very unique winglet. It’s shaped like a rotated ‘V’ and is the most common visual sign to tell that an aircraft is the 737 MAX. The previous version of the airplane uses a simple ‘L’ shaped design that almost looks like the continuation of the wing.

Different Engines

Another good way to tell the two planes apart is their engines. The new 737 MAX has chevrons at the back of its engine cover. This makes the back of the engine cover look like a saw with the little teeth clearly visible. In turn, the 737-800 has a simple straight design at the end of its engine cover.

Different Tail Design

TopFlightsNow highlights that the tail of the two planes is also a major difference. The 737-800 has a more blunt and quote-on-quote ‘flat’ tail. Boeing’s new airplane the 737 MAX has a pointy tail that’s very easy to tell apart from the 737-800.

Other Ways to Tell

The published infographics also give some pointers for other signs to tell if someone flies a Boeing 737 MAX. The easiest way to tell comes after boarding is completed. Every aircraft has a safety manual for passengers to highlight the emergency exits and emergency procedures. These safety manuals have the type of airplane printed on them. 

Scheduled flights are also found on flight tracking websites. They have great information on the plane that’s currently scheduled for the route. Apart from the aircraft type, age, operator, and previous trips are also displayed.

Clues are also found during booking. Some airlines have the aircraft type displayed upon seat selection, meanwhile, others bring up only the seat plan for the aircraft. The MAX has on average 2 more rows than the older 737-800. In a low-cost configuration, this usually means 35 rows for the 737 MAX.

Is the MAX safe?

TopFlightsNow also highlights the fact that their infographic serves a purely educational purpose. Boeing aircraft 737 MAX 8 is a perfectly safe plane to fly today. Regardless of the initial problems the manufacturer and inspectors work hard during the grounding to ensure safety when it returns to the skies. Flying a 737 MAX today is not more dangerous than flying any other airplane.



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