Secure your critical infrastructure by preventing zero-day attacks


Amol Awasthi emphasising on how to Secure your critical infrastructure

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nov 26, 2021 ( – Catalyst Business Solutions, a leading global technology company has taken a vow to help organizations secure their critical infrastructure by preventing zero-day attacks with its innovative and futuristic cyber security solutions. 

The world has seen four industrial revolutions. In the late 18th century, The First Industrial Revolution was driven largely by steam engines; in the late 19th century, The Second Industrial Revolution introduced mass production and the division of labour; in the late 20th century the world witnessed The Third Industrial Revolution, which involved digital automation and information technology and only a few decades later, the world entered its Fourth Industrial Revolution with the advent of disruptive technologies and trends such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence changing forever the way modern people live and work.

The pandemic is now also contributing to our evolving digital era. Our hyper-connectivity has been a boon for productivity at large by connecting and executing tasks at speeds that were unimaginable only five years ago. As with all game-changers, new rules apply and with them, new risks follow suit. The most significant danger we now face is cyber attacking which has escalated dramatically with disastrous consequences for individuals, businesses and economies. Until recently, cybersecurity largely meant defending ourselves against website defacements, denial of service attacks, and data breaches. The threat posed by them, however, is now morphing into the realm of physical assets and critical infrastructure. Our world is engaged in a repeating loop, growing more and more dependent on technology, even as the risk posed by that dependence increases exponentially. Cyber breaches are now a critical component as to how we function and has set in motion the greatest war of good vs bad – cyber resilience is the only answer for survival. In the face of the rising threat, Catalyst Business Solutions as a reputed technological solutions provider has been introducing groundbreaking patented technologies through its international strategic partnerships and its very own R&D team. Our priority number one is to enable organisations to withstand significant cyberattacks while continuing their core operations by negating zero-day attacks.

In this context of utmost importance, Catalyst with its partner Virsec, organised an awareness event “Secure your critical infrastructure by preventing zero-day attacks” with the leading CISO’s from UAEs top banks and organisations. The event opened with introductions from Amol Awasthi, technology thought leader and Co-Founder of Catalyst Business Solutions. In his presentation, he emphasised the need for securing critical infrastructure and presented the case studies from leading organisations. “As we evolve in the 4th Industrial Revolution, where the human race now depends on global digitalisation, it is paramount for organisations to secure their infrastructure from all types of known and unknown cyber threats. With Virsec as one of our strategic cyber security partners, we are capable of ensuring the security for all our esteemed clients”, emphasised Amol Awasthi during his presentation. The event was a resounding success where participating CISO’s expressed their interest in the pioneering solution for their organisations.

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