Global Knowledge Revolution Dubai


Global Knowledge Revolution Dubai

the first event that brought together European companies’ leaders to provide global equal access to actionable knowledge

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dec 16, 2021 ( – Hosted by Edain Technologies AG, the first edition of the “Global Knowledge Revolution” was held in Dubai, the UAE, on December 11th, 2021. European companies’ leaders came together to raise awareness about a groundbreaking technology committed to accelerating human progress by providing equal access to actionable knowledge.

In the age of technology that is now governing the creation of information, its distribution, and, most importantly, access to it, Edain Technologies AG brought together European business leaders, decision-makers and fintech innovators that understand the significance of using accurate information in the decision-making process to share with the world the importance of having equal access to reliable data from which actionable knowledge can be extracted.

The event featured nine speakers that ranged from scientists, authors, and tech architects to fintech innovators, founders and company executives. Speakers from major European companies included founder and CEO of UNGSII Foundation – Roland Schatz, founder and CEO of Patentpool Group Germany – Dr. Heiner Pollert, FX & MM Specialist at Refinitiv (LSEG) – Konstantinos Pogiatzis, CEO of Prisma Analytics GmbH – Sebastian Potzsch, creator of the C+8 Technology® – Dr. Hardy F. Schloer, CEO of CryptoDATA Tech – Ovidiu Toma, Lead Social Scientist at Prisma Analytics GmbH – Dr. Adela Fofiu, Technical Solution Architect at CryptoDATA Tech – Andrei Stnescu, and Head of Artificial Intelligence at CryptoDATA Tech – Felix Negoi.

The event’s eagerly awaited agenda included sessions on the challenge of providing access to reliable data at a global scale, the development of both the revolutionary central data repository called the Knowledge Vault and the cutting-edge big data analytics engine called C+8 Technology®, together with the commitment objectives set by the Edain project.
“Today’s world very much reflects what we are seeking to achieve with Edain. In fact, it’s our endeavour to help them and every other country, every other city or community, and every individual to become the juggernauts of their own disciplines and interests. The Edain project has shared values with this amazing country hence the reason why we are here this weekend in Dubai”, said Dr. Heiner Pollert, founder and CEO of Patentpool Group, in his opening speech at the event. 

Presenting the innovation brought by the ambitious Edain project, and its unlimited applicability that varies from its contribution to the provision of actionable knowledge for individual users to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis tools provided to entities and organizations that require complex data processing in the financial sector, Roland Schatz, the founder and CEO of United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute Foundation (UNGSII), said:
“Beforehand, we already had these great computers called Watson, and the Sherlock software, pretending that they could be better than mankind, but what was missing was interaction. If you want to get smart information, what is relevant and what is not relevant, you need to understand the details in order to make everything work.

You need to get the full picture, as Dr. Schloer explained, and that is the reason why I’m here. That is the reason why I am not at Sherlock or in any of the other places.

The Knowledge Vault, for the first time ever, has a fair chance to capture the best of both worlds: science, honest science, and us, the human beings.

That is what convinced me with the Knowledge Vault: that is not just data that is thrown at you, and then take it or leave it, draw your own conclusions from the different resulting bubbles. The Knowledge Vault will not let the user alone in this, the Knowledge Vault will mentor and will teach the user how to use its data and will help the world understand what needs to be understood. The Knowledge Vault is not just about data, it’s about relevant data, about understanding ahead of time what will come so we can prepare”.

The major difference between the Knowledge Vault and other data repositories that software applications utilize was explained by Felix Negoi, CryptoDATA’s Head of Artificial Intelligence, who emphasized the fact that Edain is a transformative AI environment based on big-data analytics tools that will allow any desiring human access to the most complete repository of knowledge for the purpose of making decisions of any complexity more efficiently and based on facts.

Ovidiu Toma, CEO of CryptoDATA Tech, spoke about Blockchain technology and CryptoDATA’s active involvement in ensuring the cybersecurity of the Edain project:
We understood back in 2015 that Blockchain technology is more than meets the eye, more than just a technology with single field applicability. We started researching and managed to discover ways to implement it in cybersecurity. For us, one of the most ambitious projects that we are involved in is represented by the partnership with Prisma Analytics GmbH for building the Edain Ecosystem as specialists in Blockchain technology and cybersecurity“.

During the event, Andrei Stnescu, Technical Solution Architect at CryptoDATA Tech, presented the first C+8-based commercially available application for the financial industry called Decision Point. Decision Point is a highly configurable big data research and analytics framework designed to support strategy building and decision making in today’s fast-paced digital Financial Industry global environment. The C+8-based app is hosted on Refinitiv’s Eikon platform, now part of the London Stock Exchange Group. It eliminates the long and tedious processes associated with synthesizing large, unstructured, complex and fast-moving streams of information, providing actionable knowledge.

Commenting on the importance of financial analytics tools for sustainable business growth, Konstantinos Pogiatzis, FX & MM Specialist at Refinitiv, London Stock Exchange Group, said:
Prisma Analytics is a partner with us at Refinitv, and we provide the world with financial data. The speakers talked earlier today about the Decision Point, and in our history and with the legacy that we have, we help Edain to put the basis for the development of a better future.

The London Stock Exchange is putting one billion dollars of investments in the next three years in order to commit to long-term infrastructure. We help businesses that require data to have access to the best available data. We are here to make sure that the users have the best available data and they can perform their best decisions through our applications.

Three years ago we discussed with Prisma Analytics just about an idea and now we have a fully developed application with a scientific workspace where users from the financial industry management, wealth management or advisors can use this data in a form that permits them to extract valuable insights. Thank you very much Prisma Analytics for partnering with us and we are here to support you”.

The concluding speech, delivered by Sebastian Poetzsch, CEO of Prisma Analytics GmbH, focused on both the progress that the Edain project will bring for global development and the impact that it will have on accelerating human evolution:
“This event marks our progress towards our ultimate goal: delivery of knowledge as a utility to every connected human on Earth.

This is what we are doing with Edain and the Knowledge Vault. We are building the first, truly global, centralized knowledge repository that will empwer all of us with the same ability to solve problems by providing oceans of data, processed and available to provide the answers we seek in near real-time”.

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