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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Dec 19, 2021 ( – Nnaemeka Keke, who was born on February 17th, 1997, emerged in the field of music as EMEZZY, excelling as an American/Nigerian Rapper, singer, and songwriter. The name EMEZZY derived from his original name, Nnaemeka.

Nnaemeka was constantly called by the shortened form of “Emmy” during his younger days, which ultimately convinced him to develop EMMY to “EMEZZY”. He was professionally named EMEZZY thereafter.

Nnaemeka, who initially reached the multitude by the name of Yung Rick, began his career in music at a very tender age. The immense enthusiasm that he possessed in foreign music, created an arena for him to capture the audience, with the release of his first song in the year 2014, featuring Faybian, titled “No Love in the street”. The song hit the records, which eventually made him top the list as an emerging, gifted singer who has mastered a rapping technique that was unique to his own. EMEZZY’s music career reached a crescendo once he moved to ATL in the year 2015.

Born and raised in the heart of Nigeria (Lagos), EMEZZY had a great passion for leading artists in the industry, like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake, and Future, whom he considered his role models, who paved the path for him to walk through this journey and be distinctive in his own style.

After branding himself as a pop artist with the release of No Love in The Street, which had a touch of “Trap Queen” beat to it, EMEZZY gained fame as he spawned his single “Link Up” in the year 2017.

EMEZZY was raised in a military base with his two siblings, as his father was working for the Navy. In the latter part of 2007, EMEZZY and his family moved out from the military zone upon the retirement of his father. With the demise of his father in the year 2012, his mother brought them to Atlanta in the year 2015.

Before officially graduating from ABC Royal High School, EMEZZY had his prior education in Nigeria Navy Secondary school and subsequently in Nowa Secondary school. After graduation, EMEZZY made a kick-off on his recordings. He developed his talents early in life and eventually was noted for his distinctive raspy voice. He is also an entrepreneur through his own record labels.


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