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Blockchain is the game changing innovation, one of the most sorted out today’s emerging technologies, which has the potential to reinvent new trust-less based world, called Decentralisation.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Dehradun, Uttarakhand Feb 9, 2022 ( – Amit Gupta is a well known public speaker on emerging technologies and a passionate CEO/Founder of a few IT brands. He works passionately with businesses worldwide in improving their internal process and solving their IT needs. He runs a full house IT servicing company. 


Q1. What is your day to day work like:  

>> I am the CEO of eSrot Consulting Labs ( and we go by the brand name of Centrelocus where we have been helping our global clients in their IT journey by making them digital visible to the world. My aim is to make small, medium businesses capture the best of IT platforms and grow exponentially in their business revenue. I am a founder of a crypto news platform that is one of its kind in the world that lets people get the latest knowledge and news on crypto and blockchain that can be read in 60 sec. You can see it here:


Q2.  Did you always want to become an Entrepreneur or did you fall into the role?

>> It’s a good question, I really never planned to be an entrepreneur and I actually fell into it with a chance. I started my career in the UK working with a UK FTSE 50 as a 

Business Strategy Analyst. Later on, changed my role as an IT Project Manager with a German IT company. I enjoyed the work pretty much there as it was hectic and pressure work. Then back at end of 2015 I abruptly decided to quit and take a break for myself. However, I couldn’t as  I started getting queries from prospective businesses to manage their IT projects, and the journey of becoming an entrepreneur started…


Q3.  What makes a good Entrepreneur?

>> A good entrepreneur is someone who is also a good leader. A good leader leads by example and understands the business flow of the domain they are working in. 3 things make a good leader, in my view:

  • Focus 
  • Backup plan
  • Keeping with the emerging tech


Q4.  Do you believe in micromanaging?

>> absolutely NO, when you are into the startup you would need to micromanage for sure but it is your ability to weigh how much to micromanage as this will let people shy away from you. Distribute the responsibility and give credit for good work.


Q5.  Are there enough hours in your day?

>> Haha, I wish I could! When you are a CEO of a growing company you have a lot on your plate and always wish for more hours to work. 


Q6.  If you could magically stop your clients from making one mistake – what would that be?

>> Falling for cheap tricks played by IT tech companies who over promise and underdeliver. They should know good things comes with cost and quality. 



Q7.  What do you find is the best way to market yourself?

>>Quality Service and client referrals. 


Q8.  What do you do to unwind?

>> I usually don’t get time to unwind but if I do anytime then I would like to cook something good. Cooking makes me feel relaxed.


Q9.  What advice would you give starting entrepreneurs?

>> Don’t lose focus and be patient as it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to be a successful entrepreneur.


Q10.  What’s your goal for next year?

>> To launch Two in-house products which will change the way people manage their digital assets and for small businesses to earn revenue from their websites.


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