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acQuire has been working behind the scenes to unveil a fresh new look for their environmental data management solution, EnviroSys.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Perth, Western Australia Feb 27, 2022 ( – acQuire has been working behind the scenes to unveil a fresh new look for their environmental data management solution, EnviroSys.

The restyled EnviroSys logo aligns the software with the acQuire brand and represents a renewed focus on simplicity and elegance.

And it’s more than just a lick of paint — acQuire has done some sprucing, tidied up, restyled, and will be adding some great improvements to their environmental data management software in an upcoming release.

Stuart van de Water, acQuire’s Environmental Leader, is excited to see the improvements launch with the next software release, EnviroSys 9.

“The new-look EnviroSys reflects our aim to ensure our environmental data management capability goes from strength to strength.

Our goal is to make sure EnviroSys continues to be one of the best environmental data management systems on the market.”  

The next version of EnviroSys is due in April 2022 and is the culmination of the EnviroSys team’s efforts to improve the software, including:

  • Unifying the user experience for one consistent way to access EnviroSys
  • Enhancing the visibility of data feeds and improving data loading so you have quicker access to environmental compliance data for your downstream processes
  • Updating the user interface with a fresh new look and easier navigation
  • Streamlining and standardising user security with an industry-standard, cloud-based licence management platform
  • Enhancing the learning and support ecosystem, with a redeveloped help system and knowledge base

acQuire’s EnviroSys software is focused on quality and compliance. It allows you to store, manage, and access any type of environmental data, whether it’s collected from a lab or logger, out in the field, or in the office. EnviroSys provides complete transparency and ensures you can always answer the question, “Are we compliant right now?”.

For more information about how EnviroSys how can benefit your next environmental program, head to the acQuire website


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