Mrs India Actress Bhakti Sadhu got BIG BREAK in Bollywood Film Industry.


In right Actress Bhakti Sadhu  Left Producer Vinayak Waghe

Mrs India Actress Bhakti Sadhu is going to play Lead Role in Producer Vinayak Waghe’s Upcoming Bollywood Hindi Web Series “LOCKDOWN GANGSTER” and Marathi theatrical feature film “HAUNTING IN MAHARASHTRA”

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Mar 6, 2022 ( – Bhakti Sadhu has been a very smart girl since childhood. She grew up in the cultural city of Pune, India. She has a habit of dreaming. Everyone in the world dreams. But few people follow the dream. They work hard and fulfill their dreams. Bhakti also had to be Mrs. India. For some reason, she had to wait ten years. But she did not give up. She eventually became Mrs. India.

It is said that when a small dream is fulfilled, a person moves towards big dreams. She also turned her attention toward the Hindi film industry. Again, she dreamed that she would rule the minds of the people through her acting in the film industry. So she started talking to a lot of people in the film industry. She had approached many people in this area. Her struggle continued for some years. But it is said that one percent luck, one percent talent, and ninety-eight percent determination not to give up is one hundred percent success. She never gave up. The hard work pays off when we get what we deserve. The same thing happened with Bhakti.

While looking for acting opportunities, she had approached WCS Talent Management Company in Mumbai. Through this company, she got acquainted with Hindi film producer Vinayak Waghe. He saw the stubbornness and passion in her acting. So he suggested her to take up skills and education in the field of professional-level film acting. Therefore, she also completed three diplomas from the Waghe International Film and Television Academy Film Institute in Mumbai, a screenwriting course, a filmmaking course, and an acting course. In the meantime, she learned a lot about acting and the film industry.

Seeing her hard work and passion for acting, producer Vinayak Waghe offered her a lead role in his upcoming Bollywood Hindi web series “LOCKDOWN GANGSTER” and in his upcoming Marathi film “HAUNTING IN MAHARASHTRA”. She then listened to the story of the web series and the movie and said yes. Today she is working hard for the role of both these projects.

Soon all of us will see her talent on the big silver screen.

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