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Paradigm Chiropractic Announces New “Aligned Wellness” Opportunity

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Mar 8, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Founder Dr. Henry Jenkins, Jr. DC, CCEP, and his team at Paradigm Chiropractic have a track record of success with cutting-edge chiropractic techniques.  And countless studies have proven the effectiveness of skilled chiropractic care.

The New England Journal of Medicine wrote: “Observational study found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care.”

‘ Studies have shown chiropractic care to be successful in treating neck pain, headaches, and migraines.[1]

‘ Chiropractic techniques are 40% more effective than medical care for treating lower back pain.[2]

‘ Visiting a chiropractor can reduce the number of times you have to visit a hospital by up to 60%.[3]

‘ By visiting a chiropractor regularly you can reduce your pharmaceutical costs by up to 85%.[3]

Chiropractic has been shown to be safe, effective, and can reduce hospital and pharmaceutical costs for families.

But Dr. Jenkins also knows first-hand through his work with non-profit organizations in the community that for most people, getting access to necessary health services including chiropractic comes with many barriers.  So he set out to find ways to help solve the five biggest problems that were stopping his community:

‘ Challenge #1: Out-of-Pocket Costs

Only some insurance providers cover chiropractic.  Many Americans are under-insured or even un-insured! 

So Paradigm Chiropractic added Care Credit as an affordable financing option.  With the Aligned Wellness package, clients can access discounts up to 80% for booking a package of visits, which can even be shared between household members.

‘ Challenge #2: Finding the Right Support

When a client needs nutritional supplements, spinal & postural screenings, massage therapy, corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, or lifestyle advice, they can find it in one stop at Paradigm Chiropractic.

Dr. Jenkins and his team support clients in more than just pain relief, with a total Aligned Wellness experience.

‘ Challenge #3: Juggling Schedules

“We understand how hectic life can be, so we made it easier for our clients to schedule and change their appointments online or through our text messaging system.” shared Dr. Jenkins.

‘ Challenge #4: Uncertainty

Many people worry that a Chiropractor may not listen to their concerns, or explain a procedure and how it relates to their health challenges.  

And it’s no wonder!  A recent study showed the average medical doctor gives a patient an average of just 11 seconds to describe their issue before cutting them off.[4]

But Paradigm Chiropractic’s clients praise Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Corbin, and Dr. Ward for their approach which begins with a comprehensive evaluation and care plan that begins with “listen first”.

‘ Challenge #5: Completing a Care Plan

Instead of pushing clients towards a gym-membership style relationship with locked-in monthly payments and annual contracts, Dr. Jenkins’ office invites clients to book the way that works for them.  

Clients can choose from one appointment at a time, or reserve a discounted package of 10 appointments that don’t expire for a full year and can be shared between family members.  This allows patients to follow care plans that are flexible and meet their needs.

The Bottom Line

“Our approach has always been client first.  We listen.  And we work with our patients to create care plans, schedules, and flexible payment options that work.  Because everyone deserves high-quality, effective medical care.  That’s our mission and we’re determined to succeed.” – Dr. Henry Jenkins, Jr. DC, CCEP

To find out more about the “Aligned Wellness” package or to contact the office, visit www.alignedwellness.life 

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